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ALBO Renovations is a company specializing

in basement renovations in Greater Toronto Area.

There are several factors to consider when remodeling or renovating a basement. Homeowner trying to do all the job by himself may find it confusing and devastating. ALBO Renovations will renovate your basement for affordable price and explain in details the whole process of renovation or remodeling in Toronto.


Our specialists have been over 10 years in basement remodeling and renovation business. ALBO Renovations will give you a free estimate on your project and will help come to a convenient and effective decision on your remodeling or renovation project.


Basement renovation or remodeling is a unique decision making for a homeowner in Toronto, which is an investment to the house itself. Unfinished basement represent the cellular room mostly used as storage for appliances and other stuff that does not fit in garage.


Basement Finishing automatically increases home’s value on all markets and increases the attractiveness. The extra space in your house that is achieved by renovation in the basement can be used for creating new rooms for kids, gyms, kitchens, bathrooms, bars, entertainment rooms, meeting rooms, and even home theaters.


One more thing to consider when designing the space for renovation is can this space be comfortable to live in. Can the light get into space or how to achieve natural environment light. Is heating and cooling of the basement the same or similar to living standards. Does it need additional ventilation or not done by basement contractors.


All these elements have to be considered before starting a project. Our Toronto specialists would help you decide and pick the best floors, colors for the walls, kitchens and bathrooms that are essential in the living space.

Home owners who are searching for Toronto basement contractors can never run short of options as ALBO Renovations provides it all.

Home owners who are searching for Toronto basement contractors can never run short of options as ALBO Renovations provides it all. So if you want to renovate your run down kitchen, leaking roof and walls, or the creaky floor boards, you can find the best specialists for the job almost effortlessly by calling us and proceed with the renovation exercise.

There are several places that you can consult when searching for the right personnel. Most of these sources provide useful leads and some even help you to get the right impression of some of the specialists and the kind of services that they offer. The choice of the source depends on the details that you want because each source offers varying amount of details.

One of the best places to check for Toronto basement renovation services is renovation and home improvement service provider’s reviews, which you can find through our website or simply by calling us. Essentially, these reviews provide honest and objective assessment of the current ALBO Renovations contractors on the criteria of professionalism and satisfaction. Based on such criteria, you can determine whether the contractor is the right one for the project or not.
You can check if our contractors are ready to go for your project by calling us ahead of the start date. By giving us time to get the group organized for your renovation project you can save time of the total time spent on your dream home. In addition, you can consult more than one specialist from ALBO Renovations if you want to do a comprehensive search for our remodeling services.
It is a credible place to search for credible basement renovation services is our website (the internet). You can request a quote through our website simply clicking “request a quote” button on the right side of the screen. You will most likely also get your questions answered at the FAQs section and get contact details of the contractor.

If you intend to carry out a comprehensive renovation of your dilapidated basement contractors, you will most likely be figuring out the kinds of materials to use in different sections of your home. Carrying out an extensive renovation basement renovation may be quite costly, and so if you think you have enough cash to appropriate for renovation, then you should consider the materials for the following areas.


Transformation from outdated rooms to modern and enjoyable living spaces

Basement Outlook

The basement is an area which can be overhauled to enhance its image and maximize its use. If the wall is dull and unattractive then you can install new tiles, install a classy faucet, lay better floor covering such as ceramic or PVC,  install a new tub and counter tops. All these fittings and installations will ideally be revolutionary Toronto basement renovation measures that will change the look of you basement and make it attractive.


Floor & Walls

It is important that you seal the floor and the walls with the appropriate sealing materials to prevent leakage. Dryness can also be maintained by use of heating systems especially in areas with high humidity in the basement.
The extensive floor covering can also be overhauled by use of warm, comfy, and attractive materials such as PVC and ceramic tiles. Furthermore, you may also want to use wall plaster to give the wall a smooth finish and apply matching paint to create a visually appealing living space in your home.

Basement Wall Openings
Basement new stairs


If your basement is dimly lit or does not allow in more light then you may remove and expand the window sizes to accommodate more light. A good Toronto basement renovation can help you with this aspect. Illumination can also be improved by using appropriate lighting fixtures to increase brightness on the living area, the kitchen, and bedrooms. Ideally, the light should be balanced throughout the room so that the room does not create shadows or shades.



If the basement is in a bad shape, then you may need to overhaul the drainage by installing new pipes and re-plastering the walls to seal any cracks. Also if you have an old sink or any potential source of leakage, you can remove it or install good sinks. These will ultimately make living in the basement easier and also a pleasurable experience.


You should also remember that the different materials to be installed or used in different areas my require the specialized skills of separate Toronto renovation contractors for the plumbing, lighting fixtures, electric wiring, flooring, kitchen cabinet, and wall painting. You may also want to consult an interior designer if you want to create harmony between the structural and aesthetic component.

Basement Remodeling Approach

If you have a home with a dilapidated basement, then you most likely see the difficulty of restoring this valuable space but with the help of a basement renovation contractor, the possibilities are immense. You can actually enhance the value of your home in the GTA without suffering the pain of dealing with challenges of dampness or continuous leakage.

Thus, any home owner who values the space availed by the basement will do everything within his means to restore the run down space. Even in its crude, bare, and empty state, the vast space of this structure has a great potential that can improve the quality of life. Ideally, you should visualize a rental suite, home office, and a nice garage emerging from the renovated basement. But how do you go about achieving this momentous feat?

First you need to contact us with specific details of your project and we will send a crew of basement renovation contractors for your project. The reason is that professionalism and great workmanship e the keys to creating the perfect basement. So you cannot compromise the quality of service and level of professionalism that goes into developing a hospitable basement in your home.

The second reason that the basement of your home is one area that needs specialized maintenance when it comes to repair. The immense amount of work involved and the complexity of the structure actually befit the professional hand of a contractor who understands the challenges involved. Thus, a contractor can actually work his way out and offer timely solutions to any of the problems such as drainage, dampness, and leakage on the basement.

You can also expect our Toronto basement renovation contractors to be better acquainted with the rubrics of construction, so the choice of design and approach and design that will be incorporated will most assuredly be given careful consideration. But most importantly, is the fact that the contractor can clearly see the bigger picture and almost immediately tell you what solutions will work and which ones won’t work when renovating your run down basement.

Going by the fact that there are numerous ways to approach a modern basement remodeling project, ALBO Renovations will assess the needs of the home and select the best approach for you. Another important thing to note is that we are also well acquainted with your desire to attain a balance between aesthetic and structural elements. Therefore, ALBO Reno contractors will work with the view of harmonizing these two significant aspects of construction.

Our Work from Clients’ View

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