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Company Specializing In Basement Renovations

There are several factors to consider when remodeling or renovating a basement. Homeowner trying to do all the job by himself may find it confusing and devastating. ALBO Renovations will renovate your basement for affordable price and explain in details the whole process of renovation or remodeling in Toronto.Our specialists have been over 10 years in basement remodeling and renovation business. ALBO Renovations will give you a free estimate on your project and will help come to a convenient and effective decision on your remodeling or renovation project.Basement renovation or remodeling is a unique decision making for a homeowner in Toronto, which is an investment to the house itself. Unfinished basement represent the cellular room mostly used as storage for appliances and other stuff that does not fit in garage.Basement Finishing automatically increases home’s value on all markets and increases the attractiveness. The extra space in your house that is achieved by renovation in the basement can be used for creating new rooms for kids, gyms, kitchens, bathrooms, bars, entertainment rooms, meeting rooms, and even home theaters.One more thing to consider when designing the space for renovation is can this space be comfortable to live in. Can the light get into space or how to achieve natural environment light. Is heating and cooling of the basement the same or similar to living standards. Does it need additional ventilation or not done by basement contractors.All these elements have to be considered before starting a project. Our Toronto specialists would help you decide and pick the best floors, colors for the walls, kitchens and bathrooms that are essential in the living space.

Architectural Design Packages

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Custom Floor Plan
Exterior Design and Elevation
Survey Plans
3D Rendering
Engineering Details
Mechanical Plan
Forestry Permit
Environmental report
Permit Ready
PricingFrom $250 sq/ftFrom $800 sq/ftFrom $1000 sq/ft

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Design Build Methods
Or Traditional Constriction?

Construction and renovation process changes in years and becomes more clients oriented. Original methods of home additions and construction projects started from home owners looking for designs and different options. After they would contact architect with engineers to find out their ideas are great but hardly achievable within preferred budgets. The problem always came up between different parties trying to please the home owner. Designers would always create the most unique and modern options for finishes and layouts for the project. Home owner is happy with design and pays designer company for completed work. The next step is architect that has bad news of possible high costs. Drawings are completed for city compliance and get stamped with structural engineer. Set of drawings and obtained permits are handed to general contractor, who shakes head and tells home owner that selected material don’t work together and architects have to change drawings because of existing flaws in structure.

Discuss Full Potential
Of Your Older House After Renovation

Large renovation projects require constant communication between engineers, designers and workers. To save time and hassle builder companies had to evolve and include all services that involve preconstruction stage of the project with ongoing interaction with workers and designers. Design build concept became more popular with larger projects, because ALBO Renovations can now manage and change details of work without going to third parties that work directly for home owner. By having in-house team, we are able to save time in development of step to step plan for work as well as avoid critical errors during the project. Design and build method of progression and delivery for construction projects is the most preferred option for home owners in Toronto. See examples of our completed projects or call us to discuss how your home can be upgraded.

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