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Kitchen addition for your basementKitchen addition for your basement

Do you own a home that is in the stage of finishing basement and making it fully operational to live in. Or maybe your basement was renovated and finished long time ago but you have not installed a kitchen there yet.  One of the features that may be missing from having a legal apartment or having your basement as a space for your family members to occupy could be kitchen addition for your basement. There could be many debates about what would be benefits of this renovation in your basement and does it make sense to do it with all the costs and problems associated with it.

ALBO Renovations specializes in all home renovations and remodelling across GTA. We can help you with your project regardless of the size and complicity. If you have decided to go ahead with your project, consult with professionals and get a second opinion from designers. Our designers are paid by salaries and are consulting all of our customers free of charge. Call us today if you are not sure about any of the details regarding your new kitchen in the basement or if you would like a professional company to do your renovation.

Benefits of Adding a Kitchen

Basement Small Kitchen

By adding kitchen in your basement you create more functional space in your home and can have distant family members or friends occupy that space without bothering you. You definitely need to install a kitchen in a living apartment and by doing that your house living space will increase by whatever your basement is (usually around 800 square feet in Toronto area).

If your kitchen is installed into complete finished basement with a separate entrance you can rent it out for tenants. With high mortgage rates and expensive houses in Toronto additional income for renting part of your house is needed and wanted by most of the home owners. Your average basement apartment with full kitchen can be rented out for $1000 per month and even more.

This is one of the methods to increase your overall home value. By adding kitchen in your basement and extending the opportunity to get tenants your home value increases. Estimated average price increase in houses in Toronto  with legal basement apartments is between $80.000 and $130.000.Get in touch with ALBO Renovations today to understand the benefits of adding new kitchen in the basement.

Costs Associated with Adding Kitchen

The costs of for adding kitchen in your basement can be as high as $50.000 but in reality they never are. The basement space cannot be compared with the rest of the house and for total area averaging 1000 square feet your kitchen size should not be bigger than ten by ten (10 x 10). The total cost of buying kitchen cabinets, installing the whole kitchen with labour should cost around $30.000 if not less.

To add a brand new kitchen you will need to pull permits from the city and get their approval. Designers and architects may be involved in larger complicated projects to ease the process. If home owners have problems or simply don’t have time to deal with permits ALBO Renovations will help to submit all necessary documents and get the job going for you.

There will be small or large but definitely extra expenses for connecting all the pipes and other lines for your new kitchen. This may include removing flooring and braking the concrete to install pipes under for water and drainage, connecting it with main lines. This work requires license d professionals and will cost you few thousand dollars extra.

Ideas and Designs for Basement Kitchen

You need to have at least basic ideas what your new kitchen addition in the basement should look like. If nothing comes to mind we suggest going through magazines of kitchen designs alone or with our designers. Our designer will assist in selecting style and color for cabinets and will adjust all your space. Take second option from professionals and with ALBO Renovations designer’s help is absolutely free.

Depending on size and appearance of your kitchen you may want to extend the usable space with an island. This gives an opportunity to use kitchen space as dining area. Islands can enhance your area with specific designs and sitting arrangements. One more great addition in the basement that is popular in larger homes is creating a bar space. This is more of an enjoyment feature and will not be suitable for renters.

Because this space is below the ground the light may be an issue. There will be not a lot of natural light coming in the kitchen area and your set up with lights will play a big role. See examples of how the lights can be set up and underline your home’s feature. Get new appliances that will save energy and potentially money in the long run.

Problems that May Occur

Before hiring a contractor and signing the contract for adding your kitchen in the basement get all documents ready for approval from the city. In some cases they will not allow the renovation and you will be stuck with invoice to pay without any work getting done. ALBO Reno will acquire paperwork prior to start and will make sure it is approved.

Architect and designer will do their job and put your future on paper. Without professional help you may buy a kitchen that will not fit or be too small for your basement. Without knowledgeable contractor performing your job and proper inspection your connection lines with water and drain be in different place and you will have to spend a lot of money dealing with this issue.

Entrances to the basements are usually tight and planning kitchen addition in your basement may be very difficult. First of plan getting out all materials with necessary demolition. DO NOT buy already assembled kitchens for your basement because you will not get them inside unless one of the walls is missing. Plan all your deliveries ahead of time with professional team of experts from ALBO Renovations.