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How much to spend on kitchen renovation

How much to spend on kitchen renovation

You have spend weeks trying to find reliable contractor online by reading reviews and looking at their pictures. You have asked all of your friends about contacts of someone they know, who can start your project. You found ALBO Renovations or other contractor company you can trust to do your kitchen renovation in Toronto, and ask the most important question: How much will it cost to renovate your kitchen? Be prepared to spend $32,000 for your average kitchen renovation and upgrade these days.

As there is no average cost because of different layouts of the kitchen, reasons you need to upgrade and how many changes you actually need to create a feeling of new kitchen in your house. All of these differences will play big role in how much you will be spending on the job, including labour and finishing materials. If you are not sure how to budget your future kitchen renovation, ALBO Reno suggests to start with the reason why you are doing it. We can price your job accordingly to your needs and can suggest all changes when decision is made on purpose of remodeling.

Kitchen Renovation to Increase ValueKitchen Renovation to Increase Value

If you have been thinking of selling your house and need to renovate your kitchen to increase home value you should not go crazy and spend all your money on it. To renovate your kitchen for the hose sale you should spend $30,000 in a mid size residence. The layout can stay the same and structural changes will not get you money back on your investment. Instead home owners should be looking to upgrade all or most appliances, change the cabinetry if need or paint it to lighten up the style, and add tiles with backsplash.

To get your money worth on hiring contractor you don’t specifically need a wow factor. It just has to look modern and functional. If you do decide to change cabinetry, it will eat close to half of your expenses on entire kitchen renovation. If you spend too much money on your new kitchen it may be very specific to what you like and not bring interest of other potential buyers. Most of homebuyers are looking for something they will be using for the next 5-10 years or can easily modify to their needs.

Kitchen Renovation with Structural ChangesKitchen Renovation with Structural Changes

In Toronto and GTA designs of kitchens are pushing towards lighter colours and open concept. If your old kitchen had awkward island or a separating wall it is suggested to demolish unwanted structures . Full renovation of your kitchen with structural changes costs on average $50,000. Many of our clients do not plan to spend this much money on the job as they don’t realize the difficulties in the process of moving walls or islands in kitchen. It takes a professional company to finish the job without extra expenses and hiccups .

You would normally start with ideas of how you want to change your kitchen and drawings. You or your contractor should apply for necessary permits for structural changes and moving walls in your home. The reason the prices go up high in this type of kitchen renovation in Toronto is when walls or islands are demolished electrical outlets and wires have to be redone and hidden inside of the walls again. Sometimes plumbing features and lines are in islands that have to be replaced underneath the floor. Get second opinion from ALBO Renovations today on your kitchen renovation expenses.

Small Touch Ups and Upgrades

Some kitchens may not need big renovations to look great again. If you are not looking to invest heavily and think your kitchen looks semi modern you can make few small changes to it for upgrades to be able to compete with any other kitchen.  We have seen many customers that were willing to spend top dollars but ended up spending a fraction of it with a great result in kitchen renovation. For the touch-ups in your kitchen and upgrading appliances you are looking to spend $12,000 in Toronto.

Most of the money will obviously go for appliances such as fridge, stove, vent, dishwasher, microwave and possibly lights. You do not have to go with the best, but if your house has more than two people living in it, you should definitely purchase a bigger size fridge and efficient stove. To make your kitchen look even better you may consider putting new countertop. It will cost you few thousand dollars for new countertop but you will see big difference. Other ALBO suggested renovation is to get new backsplash and retiles your kitchen floor. Things like these can be done by yourself or you may always hire reliable contractor like ALBO Renovations.

Custom New Kitchens for Yourself

The only way it is suggested to get a crazy modern and custom kitchen at your house is for yourself to enjoy. ALBO renovations has experience in custom kitchens and in past had clients spending as much as $100,000. Cabinets and countertops in this type of kitchen renovation are designed and manufactured specifically for your home dimensions. It can be open or semi closed concept, retro or classic modern style. All colors and details are very specific to what the client will ask for.

When custom kitchens are made for a client, most of the times the designer is involved to suggest all trending changes that most of us only can see on covers of magazines. There is no way you will get the same return on investment for custom kitchen but it will definitely stand out from what you friends have seen in past. It takes a very experience team of workers to complete such complicated job and make home owner satisfied with the kitchen renovation and upgrades. Get in touch with ABLO Renovations professionals to assist you with designs and actual work on your new custom kitchen in Toronto.