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10 Steps in Kitchen Renovation

10 Steps in Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation may seem like a simple renovation to some home owners, but it really isn’t. It takes a professional contractor to perform such job and finish it without major complication. ALBO Renovation has been working in Toronto serving customers with excellent quality and customer services since 2005.

Kitchen remodeling is one of most popular improvements at home in Toronto for increasing the value of the property and for personal pleasure. Our job is to ensure that all steps in kitchen renovation are followed and completed property. Our architect will be there with us to assist on drawings and applying for permits if structural changes are needed for the renovation. After agreeing on budget and schedules our clients ask as question that bothers most of the homeowners.

What are the steps in kitchen renovation?

Design Your Future KitchenDesign Your Future Kitchen

This is the most exciting step in the whole process for the customers. You get to sit down with professional designer you hire or contracted with renovation company to decide what the end product will look like. Some people prefer to plan everything themselves without professional help by getting information online and from kitchen renovation magazines. It is very important to know what you want to be done by the person you hired to remodel your kitchen so the designing stage can never be skipped. Write down all changes and select finishing products such as cabinets, countertop and flooring.


Regardless of how big your kitchen upgrade is, there will be demolition involved. To start off you will need to order the garbage bin to recycle all unwanted materials. After deciding on design of renovation you will realize what things will be replaced. The largest things to dispose will be kitchen cabinets, countertops and islands if such exist. Other things that may be demolished are tiles on the floor and side of the kitchen, lights and other hardware. Be sure to plan getting rid of large appliances such as stove and fridge.Kitchen Demoition

Installing Cabinets

The main outline of your new kitchen will be formed out of old or new cabinets. To save money some home owners decide just to do small touch ups or paint upgrades to their current cabinets. If decided to get new cabinets you will have a choice to buy a set from places like IKEO or similar and the second choice to get your new kitchen cabinets custom made with specific design and color for your space. This step if the kitchen renovation will create the skeleton and take the most of the money out of the budget for entire project.


The counter top is the most important change in today’s kitchen renovations. If you previously had plastic laminate or similar type of countertop in the kitchen our suggestion is to match the style of remodeling and install granite. This will be the first thing people look at when walking into your kitchen space. Most of the countertops have to be custom made and cut for your cabinetry and sink space. While some of the countertops may be sold already cut with cabinets as a package. Install your kitchen with right contractor and change the whole look of your home.

Electrical Works

When the main part of the kitchen is installed properly it is now time for setting up the electrical. The wires will be connected behind the cabinets and will go into the walls for the outlets and lights. If new island installed there will be extra lines to connect everything through the floor and run as a functional kitchen. Be sure that kitchen reno contractor is licensed and knows what they are doing. Otherwise you can end up with a big mess and a possible fire if not hooked up properly.

Plumbing Works

This step of the kitchen renovation may be the most complicated of all. Similar to electrical the job has to be performed by licensed professional. ALBO Renovations has all licenses and insurances to protect you and your home in case of accidents and damages. With demolition your lines for water to faucet and dishwasher will be disconnected and while installing new kitchen it may be relocated to connect in different place. This job will be even harder in the basement where you will have to brake the concrete and drag the connection under the floor.

Flooring Installation

The least desirable floor for upgraded kitchen to have is laminate. The most preferred type of flooring installed is hardwood or tiles as they last longer and give the kitchen designer look. The reason flooring goes after all the steps in kitchen renovation that include installation of hard materials is because the floor is very easy to damage and very hard to fix. If one of the tiles is scratched or cracked after the floor has been set, you have to take it out with possibly braking adjacent tiles. Get this work done by reliable contractors in your area like ALBO.


Through the renovation of your kitchen you will scratch some parts of your walls or sometimes you will be looking just to change the color and theme. Professional painters will step in for one of the last steps in your kitchen renovation. If you decided to do this by yourself and did not hire ALBO Renovations, make sure you read all instructions on using the paint and mixing different solutions. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment to protect yourself and family from toxins in the paint. Cover the rest of the kitchen with plastic or the paint will definitely end up on all parts of countertop and cabinets.


Most people do not upgrade kitchens regularly and end up having appliances older than they should be. Within time fridge may develop weird smells inside and stains from leaking products. Get new stainless steel fridge with size proportional to number of family members living in the house. Upgrade your stove to something modern and more efficient. Few other things from appliances you may be looking to upgrade are microwave and dishwasher. These things evolve and get better almost every year, so it would not hurt to change it with your kitchen renovation.


Years ago in kitchens there was only one source of light. It would be turned on by the main switch be it chandelier or just covered light bulbs. Today modern kitchens have many different lights set up all thorough out the area. Aside from main illumination on the ceiling lights can be installed under kitchen cabinets mounted by backsplash, above the stove on vent panel and at the island. Get your ideas from designer or professional kitchen contractor that has performed many similar renovations in past.