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bathroom remodeling

Questions to ask your bathroom renovation contractor

Bathroom renovation is very common to do in Toronto. New styles and designs inspire home owners to create magical worm space in their houses and condos. The tasks for renovation of your bathroom have to be done by licensed professional, and there is no better contractor in Toronto than ALBO Renovations. Our suggestion is to call 3 different companies for estimate on work to get an idea of the process and costs involved. While showing them what you want to be done there are series of questions you as a home owner need to ask them before making decision of hiring. Obviously money is a big factor and sometimes people only go for the cheapest price, but we strongly recommend analyzing all contractors from their experience and understanding the job. To get a better feel of who is the company you called and how they will perform your project here are some questions to ask your bathroom renovation contractor:

How long have you been doing bathroom renovations?

You never want to hire someone who is very new to this. Don’t risk your home to companies that are not familiar with complicated process of plumbing, electrical works and all other steps in bathroom remodeling. Even though some contractors will lie and exaggerate, you can try looking them up online. There could be dates of registration of the company on review websites and social medias that are available for everybody. Ask them to show you previous projects completed or even go to their current jobs that are nearby. There is something wrong if they do not have current projects and unable to get reference from recent jobs.

Who will be actually working at your home?

The person you talk to during the estimate of your bathroom renovation is most likely a salesman or coordinator that does not perform any physical work on site. Ask the company who will actually be working and do they personally know these people. Sometimes it’s a 2 men show that are familiar with all the steps and are able to finish bathroom from beginning to the very end. Sometimes you will see different trades come in to do their steps of the process. For example tillers, plumbers, electricians, and other finishers. Be suspicious if contractor cannot answer who will perform each step of the project.

Are there any permits required for bathroom remodeling?

Knowledgeable and experienced contractors will know right away if there are permits to be pulled from the city. Usually in Toronto and surrounding cities there is no need for permit unless there are structural changes of your home. However if it is a new bathroom addition you do need a permit from the city. Most of the time home owners do the permits themselves, but in many cases renovation company will assist in application and document submission. ALBO bathroom renovation team will assist you with all necessary procedures and will complete the job properly.

How much will my bathroom renovation cost?

After explaining desired changes or additions in your bathroom project ask the contractor to tell you how much will it cost. Some inexperienced companies will throw a number at you for the entire job without explaining it. Ask them why are you paying exactly that amount. Professional contractor company will break down the cost in their quotation for all the steps in the project. Don’t always pick the cheapest contractor, because they may charge you extra at the end. Reliable guys will be someone that lists all the steps and charges extra 10% for any problems that may come up.

How long will it take to finish the job?

We have seen contractor that have taken their time on bathroom renovation projects and made it waiting game for homeowners. You want your project finished in 2 weeks or so, unless your bathroom is huge and involves intense changes in the walls and additions such as steam room. If there is problem with timing you will get frustrated and will want contractor out of your home as soon as they can leave. This will push them into making mistakes and making the final product look worse. Before they start make sure they will be there every day on time and not only partially on weekends.

Are you fully licensed and insured?

Bathroom remodeling is not something just a handyman can do. There is plumbing and electrical work that needs to be done by licensed professionals. Also ask the estimator or the person giving you the quote is the company licensed in renovation within municipality or the region. You do not want someone of the street doing your piping and electricity wiring without knowledge of what they are doing. Professional companies tend to charge slightly more due to mandatory licensing cost and yearly insurance for the company. That little extra will protect your property in case of desisted.

When can you start my bathroom remodeling?

At the time you call company referred by friends or someone you find on goolge, you want to wait a week or two to get all quotes in hand and analyze the situation. Also when asking bathroom renovation company representative all these questions, get an idea of their schedule. If this renovators have no current work and can start your project right away they are simply not wanted for what they do and it should raise a red flag. Normally average bathroom renovation company in Toronto would schedule your job for 2-4 weeks ahead, depending on season.

Are you going to subcontract my renovation project?

There is nothing wrong with subcontracting a project, but at least you have to know who will be working in your house. Larger companies crews that are paid as a separate subcontracting company. It doesn’t necessary mean that it is entirely different company. Sometimes it just underlines the method of payment as larger companies do not like to directly hire workers due to liability and WSIB issues. Ask the reno company who will be working on each step of the work and how are they covered legally.

How will we communicate about the process?

Lack of communication is one of the most common complaint from home owners about the bathroom remodelling contractors. You will want to know about the progress and stages of the job. There should be a project manager or project coordinator that is always available for communication with home owner. They will direct all work and visit job site on regular basis. Because we all work and your contractor is there any number he can contact you at after working hours. Professional companies like ALBO Renovations are always open to communication and will assist you with any information about your bathroom renovation.

How do I know you will not rip me off?

Before the project takes off and you give a large amount of money to person you don’t know, get all documents lined up. First make sure that this company is legit and there is nothing wrong with asking about their insurance policy or copy of certificates. The industry of home renovations is always cash, but the lack of documentation sometimes leads the deal to an end faster than it should. Sign the contract and read all details and responsibilities of the company performing work as well as yours as home owner.