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Bathroom renovation styles and designs

Bathroom Renovation Styles and Designs

Many home owners in Toronto like upgrading their bathroom and transforming it into style they think is suitable for modern bathroom. Be it condo or house bathroom upgrades are always going to be there because of different preferences of people living there. We have completed many projects of bathroom renovations in Greater Toronto Area for all sorts of house and customers and they all were unique in appearance and functionality. If the project is on budget we have to come up with best solution for the upgrades of the room, but sometimes the work is planned from design and is priced according to specifications of the layout and custom finishes. Not every person we come to see and quote the project has complete understanding of the process of bathroom renovation. While some home owners prepare for contractor’s visit with sketches, images and even designers to work on the renovation, others are looking for suggestions and ideas from us. While we have number of images from past work in our gallery to show new customers and possibly work on similar designs, we also would like to share popular approaches in renovating your bathroom in Toronto.

Small fixtures

Very often we see bathroom renovations with idea to increase the space and visually enlarge the place. In some cases we may be limited on how and where we extend the walls and just have to work with square footage that we got. One of the ways to go around limited space is to have all features installed in the bathroom smaller size that regularly used at home. Smaller vanity and shelves will make the space look bigger and won’t be obstructing your way. There is no need for large fixtures in bathroom anymore because of closets and number of other bathrooms in the house. Don’t make it a storage unit.

Play with color

We see so many of our customers wanting to go with one color of walls and ceramic tiles in washroom to save few dollars on the paint and other materials. Our suggestion is to play with colors and be original. Bathroom renovation styles and designs should be featuring your entire house, brining the uniqueness with comfort for your privacy. You don’t need to go crazy and use every color in the book, but at least mix the shades of preferred color and add one worm color. For example white tiles goes well with gray and light blue. Black goes very well with orange and outlines aggressiveness with red.

Modern Style

Just by hearing a word “modern” you may get an idea about the bathroom style. Modern is not always what is popular, but rather what latest fixtures and space creative ideas bring together into a complete bathroom. This is not something your low budget contractor can build for your home. If the company is not experience like ALBO Renovations, you definitely need to hire designer to help with bathroom renovation styles and designs. What makes your bathroom space modern is the contrast of colors and creative solutions for your shower space and vanity with sink. Usually this means getting latest vanity and showerhead from supplier, glass door to be custom made and positions of all items to be just perfect.


In Toronto downtown many homeowner like retro bathroom designs, and want it to look like something from decades ago. One way to go with retro is finding custom vanity that underlines the era of our parents and grandparents. Big bronze tub is very much liked by hipsters and retro lovers. Colors and tiles application design can be selected with designer to look like authentic 1950s bathroom, but yet in good shape and with touch of modern appliances. There are options with larger sparkly  lights instead modern pot lights in the ceiling.

Classic bright

No one seems to appreciate aggressive and dark colors in the bathroom area anymore. Have your shiny new bathroom glow with light reflecting from tiles on the floor and wall. There is nothing wrong with going a little gray on vanity or shelves. Have additional lights by the mirror to give extra brightness and extend your window to let more natural light inside. Bright colors give illusion of bigger space that can be enjoyed to full potential. Select matching bright tiles for the floor and the shower space. Have your bathroom renovation style and design speak for itself.


This style is not for everyone and can cost you a lot of money to create. Forget sharp cold looks of modern designs and think of worm relaxing atmosphere and artistic touches on tiles, stone and ceiling. Unique colors are very popular in Mediterranean bathroom renovation style and design. What gives this style it’s looks is probably the curvy shapes on all pieces of furniture, arcs on walls and entrances and columns which are unusual to see in modern bathrooms. Talk to our professional about choices in Mediterranean designs that can be used for your project.

Heated Features

Older houses have bathrooms with very could floors and often enough we see carpets on top of tiles. When selecting design for your bathroom renovation, make sure to include heated floors in the final product. This feature will be the most enjoyable for decades by whoever uses this bathroom. You should not risk your health and be exposed to cold when you just step out of the shower. To put a cherry on top of that get towel wormers, that will cost you only $100 – $200, but will bring so much joy.


The main question for deciding on entertainment is: how much time do you spend in the bathroom and would you enjoy it more with few extra features? The most lovable entertainment piece you will ever see is a large screen smart TV with applications for movies, sport channels and basically anything you want to watch. Women tend to enjoy bath time longer than man but with TV option be sure that men will spend as much time in the bathroom. With it there is a possibility of sound system for enjoying TV or just music. If the space for bathroom renovation design is large enough we suggest installing a fireplace to complement the luxurious spa style bathroom.