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Bathroom Renovation Toronto

If you are looking for a good bathroom contractor, ALBO Renovations specialists will work with you on the project you have in mind. We combine high quality with affordable prices.


Whether we are remodeling whole bathroom, adding a new one or just giving it a special look, our work will exceed your expectations. We always finish on time and your price will be easy to afford.


Before remodeling or building a new bathroom, ALBO Renovations offers designing services and planning for your future bathroom. If you are planning to design your bathroom by yourself and want us to install your dream bathroom, ALBO Renovation specialists will assist you and fulfill your desire. If you are not sure about the design we will always help you make the best decision the materials and the layout.

New white bathroom reno
Second floor guest bathroom

Remodeling or adding a bathroom is an investment

And you should receive 90-110% of your investment in the bathroom when you are selling it. Our designers will make your bathroom look modern for many years ahead.


Items such as plumbing and electrical works can have fixed prices. However materials for the bathroom may vary in price, and will depend on owner’s desires. The prices will differ by quality and nature of sinks, toilets, tubs, tiles showers and lights owner wants in his future bathroom.


Our team of professional bathroom renovation, you can remove and replace the old lighting bath, setting an elegant shower, Jacuzzi or bath tub. We also offer professional installation on a wide range of shower doors and stylish shower accessories.


Call us or contact ALBO Renovation bathroom experts today to discuss all your bathroom or home remodeling needs.


We always talk about full bathroom renovation or additional bathroom construction in a house or basement. But what does it all mean? We broke it down for our customers to understand all the services ALBO Renovations provide when doing bathroom remodeling.


Transformation from outdated rooms to modern and enjoyable living spaces


When adding new bathroom in the house you need plumbing features. Depending on size of the bathroom and amount of lines needed (e.g. toilet, shower, sink) we install appropriate pipes and faucets. Sometimes it is more expensive to renovate a bathroom than to install a new one due to condition and amount of pipes previously installed.



Before finishing the walls our bathroom specialist will drag the electricity lines to connect everything. Electrical box may need to be changed due to increased number of lights in the bathroom. Licensed electricians are required to do this and our specialists are able to complete all types of electrical work at home.


Cabinets & countertops or vanity unit

The space compartments are required in all bathroom regardless of type and size. You will need cabinets to store all your toiletries. Because of unusual sizes the countertops and vanity may need to be custom build to fit all the corners. Toronto bathroom renovation may cost a little higher than expected by the customer because of all custom work.


Sinks and faucets

Depending on sinks and faucets the price may vary on your Toronto bathroom remodeling. There are just too many of them to give a standard price on estimate. All owners want something different and unique that will match your house and personal desires. There are options of customer or home owner supplying wanted sinks and faucets for renovations. ALBO Renovations will complete your bathroom either way, in timely manner and on budget.

Bathroom Tub And Shower

Paint, trim and detailing

After having a casket walls build for the bathroom renovation project in Toronto, our contractors take care of detailing. In most cases customers prefer standard white paints and basic trimming work on bathroom remodeling, but there are scenarios where custom work and paints are necessary. All work is prices differently depending on size, quality and difficulty of the angles.

Master bedroom bathroom upgrade


ALBO Renovations recommends only tile flooring in Toronto bathrooms. The moisture and the temperature will be hard on everything else you put on the floors, such as laminate, wood and vinyl. There prices will change from types of tile finish customers prefer and the size. Usually the bigger tiles selected, the cheaper the finish be (if no special cutting is required). Our reno contractors will finish your bathroom flooring in few days and proceed to next task.



Lights are changed in all bathroom remolding projects in Toronto. Everyone wants pot lights these days especially in the bathroom. It has to be modern and outstanding. We recommend to go with latest versions of electricity saving lights. Green Reno’s increases the value of home and save money for the home owner.



Additional closet in the bathroom is always a plus. It does not require special licensed professional, like plumbing or electrical works, but the bathroom remodeling work has to be precise. The room has to feel cozy and full of essentials so you don’t need to leave for something you can store inside. We will build the walls and set up additional lights in the storage room if needed.


Decoration and accessories

When all construction and renovation work is completed in your new bathroom it is time to decorate it. Extra accessories and decoration pieces are usually added when trying to sage the house and sell it for a higher price. We can help you prepare your Toronto bathroom renovation for sale and have it sparkle for the new visitors and potential buyers.

Our Work from Clients’ View

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