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Home Renovation Services

The company “Albo Renovations” has been working in construction and home renovation in Greater Toronto Area since 2005, offering a range of services in this area. Our areas of expertise include home renovation, cottage, offices, basement finishing, and repair of any type regardless of the size. Albo Renovations performs maintenance and repair work in Greater Toronto Area. Our main goal is to provide outstanding customer service, high quality work at affordable prices!

Basement Renovation
Basement Finishing

Have your basement fully renovated from top to bottom. Get basement renovations that will stand out!

Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling

Quality bathroom renovations within your budget. Luxury bathrooms upgrades for your house & condo.

Kitchen Remodeling
Kitchen Remodeling

Refresh your kitchen and get a modern look you wanted with custom countertops and backsplashes.

House Renovation
House Renovation

Entire house renovations by TOP Toronto contractors. All types of Reno jobs on time and on budget.


Transformation from outdated rooms to modern and enjoyable living spaces

Toronto Renovation Contractors

Depending on the desires and the company’s clients, “Albo Renovations” offers many options for repairing, renovation and finishing of your home at an affordable price. For each potential customer, it is very important to organize the work of hired employees, which avoids many of the difficulties of repair.


Toronto Renovation Contractors of “Albo Renovations” operate on the principle of an integrated approach, avoiding inconsistency and reduce time to the minimum. By satisfying customers with quality we increase consistency with no downtime. This unique approach allows the use of our flexible pricing policy that advances us as a company among our competitors. Having latest technology, we guarantee the quality in renovation and finishing projects, regardless of the level of complexity.


As a rule, Home Improvement companies are faced with the choice of materials they need to neat up the walls, ceilings, floors. Numerous cracks, bumps, eroded sections of plaster and other defects while renovating, remodeling or simply repairing homes.


For each type of finish, whether it is the organization of various floor coverings, paint, wallpaper or lining work there are variety of materials to professionally prepare the surface of repaired homes

Renovation Contractors Toronto
House Renovation Contractors

We compete against the best Reno companies

We are competing with many basement renovations and bathroom remodeling companies in Toronto, but as of now, thanks to reviews of our customers that were impressed in our services, we have come to the top of google’s search and now finally proven that we are one of the best Home Renovation companies in Toronto. There are many Home Renovation contractors in GTA area that claim to be the best in the business and provide all kinds of misleading information to the customer in order to close the deal. 

We will do your Toronto Renovation in the manner that you like and explain you all the steps we are going through. We do not charge for Toronto Home Improvement suggestions or consultations. Our mission is for you to have your renovation complete with our contractors or just consultation.

As a Toronto Renovation company, ALBO Renovations provides services to customers and protects their privacy, by signing a contract in which it specifically says that customer’s information cannot be sold or used in any manner. Please Contact our representatives for assistance in your project and we will be happy to help you with your home improvement dream.

Our Work from Clients’ View

Choosing Contractor for Toronto Home Renovation

If you want to undertake a Toronto home renovation project then you need a good company such as ALBO Renovations with excellent record in old home improvement. Because of their age, you will realize that old homes actually require certain skills and knowledge of renovation which is undertaken with finesse. The specialized finish and touch will ensure the home regains its former glory.


There are many contractors who claim to be professionals in Toronto renovation services, but why take chances and go to a company no one has heard about. We specialize in home design and construction, renovation of bathrooms, and kitchens, electrical wiring in old homes. So you don’t have to worry about the renovation approach that you should take, you can be assured of getting professional help at every phase of refurbishment.


Before you proceed with the renovation, perhaps you should consider the apparent home improvement needs and the specific places that require overhaul. By assessing the specific places, you can establish the material required and the approximate costs that you will incur in the project. In addition, the Toronto renovation company will also guide you and help you identify the most basic materials and other resources for the project.

Renovation Contractor on phone working
Home Addition Contractors

We Add Value to Homes

A typical renovation company cannot handle a wide range of home remodeling project and construction, but we sure can. So whether your home needs good wiring, sewage overhaul, installation of good rain pipes, plastered walls, fresh wall painting, flooring installation, or plumbing, you don’t need to worry about the level of professionalism and finesse, contact us and we will provide all help you might need.


ALBO Renovations has one of the best Toronto renovation contractors that focus on adding value to homes and working with clients to make them acquainted with the process of home improvement. So if you have specific need, we will work towards achieving the renovation objectives that you have set for the home. We always focus on employing the highest level of workmanship, good supervision of the project, and commitment to complete the project according your expectations and within the set time frame.


If you get are keen in your selection of contractor for the Toronto home renovation project, then you will get satisfaction and full money’s worth for the accomplished project. Regardless of the nature of the project, you should also remember that your decision ultimately determines the level of success for the renovation project. ALBO Renovations is good decision for your project.

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