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Basement Subfloor Tiles-Everything You Need To Know

Are you about to complete your basement renovation but still have not thought about the flooring? For your basement to have an appealing look you must find the best sub-floor solution.  In other words, the basement subfloor tiles must suit your basement and enhance its elegant look. Your basement cannot be declared complete without you finding suitable subflooring tiles. Finding such tiles is indeed the first and vital step geared towards creating a most comfortable living space. The subfloor tiles you chose must be designed specifically for the basements. In other words, the tiles should have an improved moisture barrier covers aimed at protecting, insulating and even cushioning the finished tiles.

Qualities of the best basement subfloor tiles

Basements are known to frequently release moisture. As a result, the best basement subfloor tiles ought to be designed using an air gap technology in order to always keep the basement floor comfortable and dry for the whole year. Such tiles are worth using for basement subflooring.

The tiles should cultivate the best living atmosphere ideal for you and your family. I tend to believe that your family comes first in everything. In that case, creating them the best basement environment is your main goal. With that said, the best tile should promote comfort in your family whenever they are in the basement

Strong basement subfloor tiles mean that they can withstand heavy weight home furnishing for instance pool tables, pianos, gym equipment among others.

Long-lasting; the best basement subfloor tiles should be durable in order to save you the cost of going to the market every now and then. All quality products ought to have a prolonged life span.

Should be easy to install; the best tile should be easy to install. In other words, it should have no complications or difficulties installing it.

What are the benefits of best basement subfloor tiles?

Basement renovations that are done using the best tiles are quite appealing in that they enhance pleasant indoor air quality by simply enabling your concrete to breathe.

Your lifestyle will be improved instantly in that the best tiles improve the quality of your surrounding environment. Such an environment causes you to feel relaxed especially after a busy day at work. You will actually find the basement quite soothing and appealing.

Best tiles ensure that your family stays warm & dry and at the same time protect furniture flooring as well as electronics from being damaged by basement moisture. You can agree with me that anything that warms up your family and protects your asset is worth very effort. The benefits of using only the best basement subfloor tiles cannot be underrated. In addition to their protective nature, there are good for décor purposes. Your basement will be a dazzling beauty. Such impressing beauty and neatness can only be got from the very best tiles if they are used during basement renovation.

Why should you search for basement subfloor tiles?

As a matter of fact, concrete is permeable thus allow moisture to penetrate through it in either vapor form or liquid. That is the reason why traditional flooring, as well as carpets that are composed organic compounds that appear to absorb moisture and encourage the growth of mold, is not recommendable materials to use during the renovation of a basement. Things, for instance, moisture vapor as well as leaky pipes, water heaters, windows and washing machines can wet through organic flooring materials.  That may enhance mold growth and warping as well as buckling. This explains the reason why basement subfloor tiles are ideal for use on the carpets.  They prevent penetration of water blocking the possibility of mold growth.

What are the sources of basement moisture?

Basement moisture is enhanced by things such as:

  • Failed water heaters
  • Foundation flooding
  • Leaky washing machines
  • Old Basement windows
  • Humidity from concrete
  • Bursting pipes
  • Upper-level plumbing

To determine the type of flooring that is suitable for your basement, there are questions you should ask yourself. Some of the most important questions include;

How are you going to use your basement space?

Maybe you need the space for a home gym, kids play area, family room or various purposes. Knowing why you need the basement space will help you determine the type of flooring.

Does the basement flooring have moisture concerns?

Basement flooring that has moisture issues are not the best since they will encourage mould growth.

Will I be the one to install it?

The best basement flooring should be easy to install and you can even install it on yourself but in case you are not feeling like doing so, you can ask for assistance from a contractor.

In conclusion, basement renovation needs nothing less but basement subfloor tiles. You should make your basement one of its kind by simply having a good choice of basement subfloor tiles.