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Kitchen Renovation Toronto

Right at the start we will help you to choose the best materials, after we will follow with a full installation from specialists from ALBO Renovations, with particular attention to detail.


Before starting Toronto kitchen renovation we will design it for you and make sure you will like the product after Home Improvement. The idea is to understand the finish product at the end and picture where the appliances will be, how easy it will be to cook and to have access to things.


Of course, if you’re remodeling kitchen, the structure of your current home will not limit your investment options. You have much more flexibility to your growing space, and if you build a new house or addition.

White Kitchen Renovation
New look in house kitchen

Ask yourself:

• How far will I have to go to bring water, to complete a pan on the stove?
• How much room will I have to cook, dice, chop and prepare food?
• Will there be enough room to store olive oil beside the stove or spices with easy access?
• Is there enough room for two people to cook at the same time without bumping to each other and having access to all appliances?
• Can I have an extra space for dishwasher or is the area too small?
• How to make sure the sing does not block the water line?
• Can the dining room be attached to the kitchen?


The plans include a communal kitchen wall in the kitchen, hall or office, cooking or kitchen L-shaped double L and U shaped kitchen. One factor to consider when planning the budget for kitchen remodeling Toronto project is to review the design and configuration of the room. This will affect the price considerably, for example, the trays will be higher than prices one-drawer/two-door base Cabinet. U-shaped kitchen renovation is generally more expensive than the L-shaped island wall.


Transformation from outdated rooms to modern and enjoyable living spaces

When talking to our representatives, make sure to ask for consultation on wooden furniture, doors, style, type of finish and construction of the cabinets. The choice of wood will help you understand the budget for the cabinets and the whole kitchen renovation Toronto. Melamine surfaces will be the cheapest, cherry, usually 7 to 10 percent oak, walnut and pine, specialty wood such as alder, mahogany, pine, wood cut to the dislocation, teak mahogany, and cost more than common woods such as oak or pine. Maple is the most common wood, usually cost somewhere between oak and cherry.


ALBO Renovations specialists have been renovating and remodeling kitchens for the past 20 years in Toronto and GTA area, and within minutes we will have a full understanding about your project. Our specialists will help you design your area before starting the Kitchen renovation and we guarantee to finish home improvement project within your budget and time line that is set up at the beginning.

Kitchen Countertops

Changing the height of the peak of the island, counter tops, and a partial wall adapted following task is performed at each location and owner’s needs. Matching the lower table and preparation areas with breakfast larger area offers a convenient, space-specific task, to create more living space in the kitchen.

Although in some Toronto kitchen remodeling granite countertops are being chosen by most of homeowners, wood counter tops began to gain popularity. Nowadays homeowners are trying to make their kitchens unique and modern by selecting different materials. Our specialists will help you understand how to design a kitchen that would be unique visually and functionally. There are many different types of materials, which can be used for kitchen and provide exceptional functionality and facade of the room.

High Rise Condo Kitchen Reno
Modern Kitchen with Island

Granite Countertops

Granite is Hard as a rock. Although expensive, when polished to a shine it creates a defeat look kitchen counters. Besides, riding on the crest of a popular style, that has been chosen by most homeowners for more than 10 years.


Granite countertops are costly, but it is one of the luxurious materials for proper Toronto kitchen renovation. It can withstand almost any heat and one of the hardest materials on the planet. ALBO Renovations will help you to choose the stone that will suite your home.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are not most popular counter tops due to high cost, but they are most preferable. The unique luxurious look marble brings to renovated kitchen room is appreciated by every homeowner. It is heat resistant as well as granite.


Marble countertops are best for low traffic areas. It requires a lot of maintenance due to being easily stained. Marble is not as hard as granite and can be scratched more easily than granite. It also reacts with acids. Although it scratches and reacts with acids, it can be protected by application of sealers.


ALBO Renovations will cut and install the counter tops of your choice. Let professionals finish your kitchen renovation project.

10 Questions from Kitchen Renovation Contractor to You

Tips for kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation can be the most pleasant and exiting from all home remodeling but many contractors argue it is also one of the hardest ones. If you have no previous experience with this type of job you can run into situations that may cost you a lot of extra money and can be very time consuming. Even with help of home renovation contractor you have to be educated and well prepared for stages in the job. Read ALBO Reno articles for tips and suggestions of what to expect through experience of working with professional contractor. Our consultants and advisors will not charge any money to help you out verbally.

Making fully functional kitchen from the beginning to the end is not something you can do without preparation and professional help. We strongly recommend dealing with professional contractor like ALBO Renovations to avoid mistakes and situations that would dry out your pockets. If you are a homeowner you will be assisted by contractor in many steps of your kitchen renovation, but it does not mean they will do everything for you. You as a home owner have to make last decisions on how to proceed with work. We have listed below some tips for your kitchen renovation with or without using help of professionals.

Have it Planned Out

Simply because you will hire ALBO Renovations or any other contractor with hundreds of similar jobs refer to, it does not mean they will do everything for you. If you don’t have design thought out and you are looking for company to share ideas, our designers will work with you, but the final decision will be yours at the end of the day. Before starting demolition and first stages of the job get everything planned out with designers and architect on paper. Event slight miscalculations and wrong measurements can lead to redoing big part of your renovation and ordering other counter top with kitchen cabinets.

Get Prepared for Work

Either you hire ALBO Renovations or want to do job yourself, our tip for kitchen renovation us to get prepared for work. It can start from arranging the space and access to the kitchen through the house. There will a lot of mess with dirt coming in from outside and dust from cutting and braking materials in your kitchen area. Cover all furniture and fixtures that you cannot move away for protection. Think of where you will store all your dishes for the time of project and how you will cook food. Maybe moving somewhere else could be a solution for you.

Functionality of Kitchen

No matter how good of a designer you select and how well they pick colors and materials for you, the kitchen has to be functional. There has to be enough space to walk through between island and main counter space. All appliances have to be set up in proper positions to help you with cooking and prepping meals. No one likes tight kitchens, especially if you have to cook for family of more than 3 people. Design area of where you will sit down and enjoy your meals and chat with friends and family.

Do not Move Plumbing

If you completely demolished your old kitchen and want to make different layout and design, consult about plumbing lines. Our next tip for kitchen renovation is not to move plumbing. Try to keep sink and other water lines for dishwasher where they were originally. The reason for that is nothing else but money. If you want your sink to relocate let’s say from counter space to an island, floor has to be broken to lay additional pipes and connect all plumbing. This easily will cost you extra few thousand dollars just to change the positions of connections.

Light it Up

One of the biggest mistakes home owners and inexperienced contractors do is inadequate lighting. If kitchen space is not open and natural light does not normally come in, you need to install more lights. Quality of lights put in matters as well. New bulbs that save electricity should be installed as money saver. Input designer lighting can be installed at the bottom of top cabinets. This will allow to position direct light towards countertop space. Don’t forget about adding light in distant corner from your main source of illumination. This will not play big on budget but can enhance your kitchen significantly.

Appliances Make Statement

The big chunk of your kitchen renovation budget will be directed towards upgrading all kitchen appliances. We recommend spending around $5000 – $7000 for new fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave and ventilation hood. New appliances make people jealous. All of them will definitely stand out from regular kitchens that others may compare to yours. You should not be looking for all best things but new and functional works perfectly fine. ALBO Renovations works together with the best and probably cheapest appliances supplier in Canada. Ask our designer to help you out selecting electronics for your kitchen and save money on great deals.

Get Designers Help

Yes we get it, you know exactly what you need to renovate and have planned everything already by yourself. The reality is whatever you think is awesome design, may not be what is in trend at this moment. If you are remodeling house for yourself and do not care what other think you can go ahead and create wonder land. But if you want something that first of work going to be made from proper materials that will last for few decades you need consultations from professional designers that helped many home owners with their new kitchen style and design. They would be the only people to know what can be created with a kitchen wow factor and shine through your house.

Our Work from Clients’ View

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