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Basement Stairs Ideas

If you are considering doing basement renovation, then you cannot overlook the basement stairs. Best basement stairs will enhance the elegancy of your basement. Not to mention that you will love the number of times you exit or enter the basement using those stairs. To create a great basement, you will need some brilliant ideas to help you beautify the most ignored space.

Use chalkboard stairs

You can use chalkboard paint to enlarge the basement playroom. You should also allow your children to use the same as actual size colouring book.

Pastels stairs

Pastel steps that are in diverse shades offer a modest yet creative when selecting colours, single out shades from two or even one paint swatches maximum. This will see to it that the hues work closely when they are adjacent to each other.

Floral Wallpaper

Unmistakably speaking, a brilliant floral burst on the stairs will literally enhance an elegant mood to the whole basement floor. Plus it will enhance sunshine that is spring like to the completely dark space. Floral wall paper has all it takes to reflect beauty beyond what words can explain. You cannot afford to deny your basement stairs such an elegant look.

Accent wall

There is no doubt that a playful accent wall will cultivate a gracious look or appearance to your surrounding basement. In fact, you don’t have to buy a costly wall paper. Simply coat the pattern on using stencils to at least save some cash. You will be impressed by the transformation brought by accent wall. You should not by any means hesitate using the accent wall for basement renovation.

Wallpapered Stair Risers

Your stairs will possess a catchy look if only you mixed prints. When doing basement renovation on your stairs, ensure to integrate the trend of mixing paints in an extensive way into your décor. Select diverse patterns that have identical colour palette to enhance a sense consistentency in between the steps

Painted wooden crate stairs

You should not even think twice about the idea of using painted wooden crate especially if your basement stairs are insecure. They are literally trying to tell you that they are have seen their halcyon days. If that is the case, thanks goodness you now know what to do. Believe you me, you will never regret.

Patterned tape stairs

Of course your basement stairs must be different from other stairs in your house. As a result, the basement stairs are quite conspicuous. In other words, such stairs should not go unnoticed. To have such stairs, consider using patterned tape stairs since they will enhance a playful and electric feel to the basement space. You won’t help admiring your basement stairs after using patterned tape stairs.

Ombre Rail

Some people may think that ombre stairs are too bold. However, they have the magic to make your basement stairs glorious.

Design for a silky transition

Unmistakably speaking, stairs are known to be transition space not to mention that the materials you select for them convey a hidden message in regard to the nature of the space they are leading to. This carpeted stairs run`s  change three steps close to the foot with solid stone treads and stone floors as well as dark wood. The change in materials rhymes with the basement use as an entertainment area or say a wine cellar.

You can improve style using a Custom Stair Rail

The custom stair rail is characterized by stained-glass inserts as well as ornaments. You can choose to liaise with a metal smith to make a custom rail stair for your basement. It is worth every effort in that your basement stairs will have an elegant appearance. Your guests and your family members will find comfort using such a stair.

Make an impressive descent

This far-reaching staircase has everything to do with design than even the function. Such a staircase creates room for comfortable descent right from the higher level though it needs large space.

Go modern open stair tread

You should not go for anything else than modern open stair tread & railings made of braided stainless-steel cable which aids in preserving views of lower level plus a feeling of transparency on the staircase.

Situate stairs carefully

Chances are that your basement floor & hall are carpeted. If that’s the case, there is no doubt that you will love to carpet your stairs too. In case, you are doing basement renovation, then your stairs must be your first priority. I mean you should build new stairs or consider repositioning the existing ones. In fact, you should carefully inspect the areas you wish to connect before you decide on positioning. In fact, you should let alone connecting a quiet one to a noisy area.

The above are brilliant basement renovation stairs ideas that will morph your basement into a small underground heaven on earth.