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Basement Bathroom Ideas

If you are doing basement renovation then you must be looking for basement bathroom ideas that will help you transform the current condition of your basement.  Changing the condition of your basement bathroom is quite simple and all you need is brilliant ideas to enable you implement your vision.

Include a fashionable powder room

In case your basement will basically serve as entertaining space, then you will only require a powder room rather than a full bathroom. A powder room is a limited space that has a sink and toilet only. If your budget may increase to include remarkable materials for instance classic sink that has gooseneck faucet plus walls stone tiles.

Plan for high-quality illumination

Lighting is essential for everywhere in the basement especially the bathroom. In that case, you should recall lighting fixtures in the bathroom areas when arranging a basement bathroom. They must possess waterproof lenses. Ceiling lights that are in front of the wall size mirror light the vanity and give great lighting.

Keep your kids into consideration

If you have children, then there is no doubt that your children will at one time or the other use basement bathroom. For it to suit them, then you should add a step stool to assist the young children get to the sink. As a matter of fact, paint cans that are unused and are readily available at centers for home improvement are connected to the wall in order to contain fresh towels as well as input a vibrant accent in the area. With everything put in place, then your children will never thank you enough for creating a conducive environment for them in the basement bathroom. Your children should always come first when doing any form of basement renovation.

Include in lavishness features

Your basement might be having a guest suite or a parent`s bedroom, In such a case, a complete basement bathroom is essential. Despite the fact that it is in the basement, it should be luxurious just like other bathrooms in the house or it should even exceed the rest. In that case, you can add luxurious features for instance walk-in shower as well as curved-front sinks. You can enhance visual interest to the bathroom space by using rough-hewn stone tiles in various shapes.

Create room for a complete bath

A basement bathroom isn`t the only bathroom in the house. In other words, it is not the main bathroom. That means that a small area about 35 square feet. Such a space can contain vanity, bathtub or shower, and a toilet. Building codes do allow 84 inches- 6 inches ceiling heights. It should be compact though not small; the basement guest bathroom has a generous vanity shower stall and a toilet.

Enlarge the space using mirrors

Mirrors enlarge wall to wall as well as countertop to ceiling with the aim of making this reserved 5 x 7-foot basement to appear bigger than it looks. The mirror maximizes light through creating double the windows illusion and bouncing back the lighting from the light fixtures. As a matter of fact, checker board wallpaper is busy visually though the standpoint is improved by the reflection of the mirror. That makes the room to appear deeper. A sink measuring 18 inches back to front will save on a lot of counter space.

Use Glass Blocks for lighting & privacy

When doing basement renovation, you want to have the best underground bathroom. If you can see your basement bathroom on a mid-air exterior wall, then you should consider using the glass-windows to allow in light and grant privacy. The two windows that are on the opposite wall& the pendant lights are reflected by a bigger mirror on top of the sink. As a result, more light enters the room.

Basement renovation that needs you to include a bathroom calls for fixture connection to the major drain. That may imply cutting via concrete floor. In case the headroom is available, then the other option is to raise the bathroom. In that case, the latest plumbing lines & drain can be concealed underneath the latest floor.

Make the bath softer with fabric

During basement renovation you can use fabric outlined in attractive cording provides the bathrooms walls a soft, complete touch. For a basement that is not faced with moisture and condensation threat, then the treatment is ideal for a bathroom in such a basement. A powder room is an excellent upholstered candidate since it’s tiny thus the job is manageable. Staple bat the walls and then enlarge & staple fabric lengths on top of the battling. Ensure to use hot glue to protect decorative welting on the staples.

Add a laundry

The most outstanding basement bathroom is equipped with full shower, stone tile floors, and marble top furniture-style vanity. Closet doors that are paneled at one end open and expose a stacked dryer and washer. A basement laundry requires a floor drain to contain leaks or overflows as well as an exterior location of a wall in order for you to emit the dryer outdoors.