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Our Client Reviews - ALBO Renovations
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Our Client Reviews

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Current Rating 9.9/10

  • Renovaion Of The Besement
    2 months ago

    These guys have done lots of work in the area and have signs on street. I called them to take a look at my basement and they gave me a quote, which was more than I actually paid in the end. Ivan was communicating with me through out the project and was answering all my questions. They finished in about 1 month and I am very happy with work they did for my basement.

  • Condo Bathroom Renovation
    About 4 month ago

    I contacted Vlad to plan ahead my condo bathroom renovation. I new there had to be some work done even before i bought it and i had time to call few different contractors. Albo contractors were fastest to show up and give me the ideas for my new bathroom. It was not long and we were able to book the elevator in time for all deliveries. Great job guys!

Current Rating 5/5

  • House Renovation
    September 2016

    Since mid 2015 we started working with architect and builder company based in Etobicoke. It took us close to 1 year to finalize drawings, get all permits and build foundation with exterior walls. Now the plan was to hire a good company to finish the rest of the house. We interviewed few companies and Ivan from albo renovations was more professional in answering all questions and getting us proper schedule for all the steps of work. He was a coordinator and all question were directed through him. It was good experience and we like working with these guys. They also suggested us few better options for finishing materials in kitchen and bathrooms. Would work with them again!

  • Basement Renovation
    January 2017

    We wanted to renovate our basement for the longest time and now it time to start, but we were not sure about many details and needed help. Vlad suggested having their designer over and creating the drawings first. After about a week of going back and forth with revisions of layout and materials we decided to start with actual work from albo. They did exactly as scheduled and if a day was missed, they were able to catch up to the schedule by have an extra guy. Overall it was awesome experience and i would recommend these guys for their communication, quality of work and response to all questions you will have.

Current Rating 4.9/5

  • Bathroom Renovation and Flooring
    February 2017

    I own few condos downtown and rent them out. After my last renter left one of the condo apartments the flooring was all scratched and damaged possibly from pets or furniture moving. I had few flyers in mail and one of them was ALBO renovations. I looked at their work online before giving them a call and saw their work and reviews. I really like one of their condo bathroom projects and wanted to do the same before next renter moved in. Ivan came and gave me fear quote and I just went with it because I didn't want to waste time. Working in condo is tough because of hours and service elevator but the were able to finish everything 1 week before I had these guys move in. I liked their overall services and can recommend them.

  • Bath Renovation
    July 2016

    We used Albo Renovations to renovate our bathroom. Ed was friendly and honest with us during the process. He stuck to his original estimate when he gave me the bill and did not nickel and dime us. His employees were professional and I felt comfortable having them in and out of my home during the renovation process. I would highly recommend Albo for any home improvement job. They are a highly skilled and professional group.

Current Rating 4.8/5

  • Basement Finish
    a month ago

    Home renovation and basement finish was done by albo renovation at my place. Alex and the team did great job working from our designer drawings!

  • Basement Renovation
    July 2016

    These guys were very professional in so many different ways. They did a basement renovation for my recently bought house and its amazing. Thanks