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Things to consider when doing bathroom renovation

Things to consider when doing bathroom renovation

Not many home owner have had experience in bathroom remodeling. Many of us don’t have any idea how to even start and what to expect through the process. Working on your bathroom requires knowledge and professional experience in this field for many years to complete the job properly. ALBO Renovations encourages home owners to take every precaution possible before starting the work and thinking ahead to avoid disaster during the remodeling of your bathroom in Toronto. There are many things to know about the job and preparation with documentation. You have to be operating both in best of your interest and within legal boundaries. This is why we have prepared for you educational guide of things to consider when doing bathroom renovation in Toronto.

Budget for the bathroom renovation

Many of us have no idea about how much bathroom renovations cost and are often surprised when hear the estimate numbers from contractors you called. First thing is first and you have to come up with a budget you are willing to spend on your bathroom project. We have seen bathroom renovations in Toronto go anywhere from $6000 to $30000 depending on size and quality finish materials. Most contractors will work by giving you a quote for what they believe is suitable quality for you, or they will work within your budget if reasonable.

Hidden problems through the process

If you don’t know it – don’t touch it. This is a simple rule for doing any renovation in your house or you could potentially damage walls, floor, plumbing, electrical wires or even hurt yourself. True professionals that have been working for years just on bathrooms. know what to expect in worse case scenarios. There could be problems with uneven concrete floor, inadequate wiring or even structural problems that regular home owner will not know about. When hiring contractor for bathroom remodeling in Toronto, give them as much information about your home as possible so they are prepared for the job and do it properly.

Design of your bathroom renovation

Are you as home owner going to call contractor for estimation on your bathroom without knowing yourself what the actual design you want to achieve? It works too, but be prepared to pay for designer’s help that works with larger reno companies like ALBO Renovations. If you want to make life easier for everyone without creating any delays in work progress and scheduling, research designs of bathrooms and select one you prefer to see as final product at your home. This will save you time and money, as well lead contractors in the right direction from day 1.

Contractor who you will hire to do the job

You will definitely need to hire someone unless you have been in renovation business yourself your whole life. This is a very difficult moment and you will have to investigate companies that give you an estimate for your bathroom remodeling job. Since everyone will be representing the best service and quality finishes in the area you as a home owner will have to trust your judgement and go with whoever you think is suitable for your project. Get references from past or current jobs they have and research them online. There are companies out there that will take your money and never show up again, but if you google them, information will pop up.

Timing and scheduling for bathroom remodeling

Good companies are always booked ahead and will not take on your job right away. You on other hand will not want these contractors to occupy your premises forever and expect the job to be finished as soon as possible. Timing is crucial and has to be discussed with representative of the company you are hiring or supervisor that will have full control of workers and progress. Ask your contractor when can they start the job and how long it will take them to finish it. If you have deadlines make sure to mention it at estimating.

Space you require for shower, vanity and shelves

Old bathrooms are quite small and have to be enlarged very often. Your ideas may involve changing bathtub space into modern stand up shower. New vanities and positioning of toilet with sink will play role in how your space is divided. If you have not hired a designer for those means ask contractor for suggestions how to proceed with remodeling and space everything properly. While removing structural wall for the new bathroom will be extremely expensive, just pushing a regular wall is not crucial and will not cost much more money.

Value increased by bathroom renovation

One of the strategies of home owners before selling their house is to increase value. If done properly renovating an old bathroom and matching it with current modern bathrooms will raise home value by as much as 15000. Adding a new bathroom raises the home value even more but requires permits and careful space calculations. Not only your house will be looked as more expensive property, it will attract more potential buyers that are looking for modern upgrades in the house. Consult with ALBO Renovations and see what can you do to kick up the value of your house in Toronto.

Permits needed from the city

Permits are required for new bathroom extension and if there are structural changes at your house due to remodeling of the current bathroom. You may call your municipality to find out more of what needs to be done in order to proceed with changes at your home. They will assist you and lead towards submitting proper documentation. ALBO Renovations has been working with city representatives for acquiring permits for bathroom renovations in Toronto. Our supervisor will tell you whether the permits are required and what steps to take in the process.

Match the overall look of your house

Many of our clients get too excited with changes on the bathroom and forget about the rest of the house. Ideally the entire house will be renovated, but if this is not the case, your bathroom cannot be much more different in style. It does not make sense to have $25000 bathroom renovation in small 2 bedroom house that is valued at $400000 in Toronto. Get a designer from reputable company to match your current house with the renovation upgrades.

Energy saving upgrades

While style and design is the first thing that comes to mind when upgrading your washroom, one other thing to consider when doing bathroom renovation is getting energy saving appliances. They may cost a little more than regular but in a long run you will save thousands of dollars by using toilet, lights, shower head and heat system that are using less electricity and water. Get our catalog to see which appliances are on sale from the manufacturer and suitable for your green remodeling.