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How to save money on bathroom renovation

You have finally made up your mind on renovating a bathroom, but want to save money and spend as little as possible. There are ways to do that, and ALBO Renovations will be glad to guide you in right direction. There are ways to save on materials of finishes and on workers that you have to hire for the project. Before start, you have to decide if you need a full bathroom renovation or cosmetic touch ups are going to be enough for you. Than it is a matter of selecting a design with colors for walls, tiles and fixtures that will underline your bathroom remodeling. Even in entire bathroom remodeling there are pieces of furniture, toilet or even sink that can be reused to save some money. If you are a handy person, brake down the entire project and see which steps can you do without hiring a contractor. Do not try to learn on the go and install tiles if you have never done it before. Before you take on the step in Toronto bathroom renovation process, think it true and be sure that you will complete it. Otherwise instead of saving money you will end up spending more. Suggested items to do for home owners are, cleaning, preparation for the reno, painting walls, designing the end product.

1) Plan everything by yourself

The planning of bathroom renovation by professional designer is not cheap and can go as high as few thousand dollars. If the plan is to spend as little as possible, dig down to find the floor plan for your house and do the layout part by yourself.  Internet is our biggest library and you can find thousands designs online that will fit your layout. If you work with Photoshop or similar software, you can find applications that are used to create simple mock up of your space to have an idea how it will look in 3d. Just do some research! There are plenty of advisory videos and blogs to teach home owners take on the bathroom renovation projects.

2) Hire professional and experienced contractors

Cheap home owners pay twice. This is the logic behind trying to get the cheapest contractor on kijiji to finish your bathroom. If you pay someone to do the job they have no idea how to complete, you will sure to need to look for someone else in about a week or how long it takes you to kick out first contractor. Reach out to bathroom renovation company like ALBO Renovations to be sure your job is completed on budget and within the time line. Our prices are guaranteed and will not suddenly go up to finish the bathroom. Find the reputable, professional company that has reviews and references for previous completed projects similar to yours.

3) Do not move plumbing of shower and toilet

Many home owner in the process of the bathroom remodeling in Toronto get ideas to move shower or toilet to different positions for the new design. Our suggestion is to work around existing pipes if you are trying to save money. Moving the rough ins for average size bathroom can cost you around $1600, and if there is a possibility to do renovation without relocating the pipe, you will save exactly that much. Ask your contactor about the possibilities on low cost plumbing work and saving by not moving the drain system.

4) Get cheaper tiles from supplier

Large amount of money for from entire budget of Toronto bathroom remodeling will go towards purchasing tiles. This is the most recommended product to go on your bathroom floor and walls. By getting the tiles directly from the supplier you may save up to few thousand dollars in larger bathrooms when tiles installed on floor and all walls. ALBO Renovations will give you the prices we get with discounts or connect you directly with our supplier to negotiate the cost on tiles of your choice. Ask our representative how to save money on bathroom renovation.

5) Shop around for vanities and fixtures

After the tiles have been selected, now it’s time to purchase smaller hardware and parts of furniture. There is no way that the contractor that does your bathroom will charge you for the vanity and other fixtures less than he actually pays for it. So larger companies may get discounts from suppliers for working together, but some just buy it in stores that are available for the home owners to walk in and select the same product. By shopping around you may be able to save few hundred dollars.

6) Reuse any materials you can

Do not rush to throw everything you had in your old bathroom. There are plenty of things that can be reused for remodeling project. If your fixtures are in decent conditions, there is no reason to buy entirely new things. Do not throw out mirrors if there is no cracks or damages to it. Simply by reframing it you will create a new look that can be perfect for new tiles and moldings. Sometimes small things like door handles and shower heads and not considered, but if reused can be beneficial for saving money on bathroom reno job.

7) Do part of renovation by yourself

This section of how to save money on bathroom renovation in Toronto works perfectly for hard working home owners that do not like to overpay. There are definitely things that you can do by yourself without any professional experience. First off shut you can start with demolition of walls and scraping off the tiles from the floor. Be careful with wiring and plumbing fixtures inside the walls, and get free second opinion from your contractors. It’s hard to get involved with trades, but anyone can do painting so can you. Prepare your bathroom for the contractor to renovate it, and simply ask them what are the steps he needs help with that does not require experience.