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How much bathroom renovation costs?

Bathroom renovation is one of the most popular upgrades of the house and condo in Toronto. There are number of different styles and layouts for remodeling the bathroom and all of them will cost different amount to execute. In fact one of the first questions we get asked while estimating the job on site is how much this particular bathroom renovation will cost. Well it all depends on design home owner selects with quality of finishing materials and fixtures. Difference of how much you will be spending will first of all depend on the size of your bathroom. There are materials to be used and time that will be needed by workers to complete remodeling. The other cost factor is the style and grade of materials that will be used for your new bathroom. In this article we will explain how ALBO Renovations contractors assess the costs and step by step brake down of entire project.

Bathroom renovation costs in Toronto

Budget bathroom renovations that are small size and use lower end finishing materials cost $8.000 – $15.000

Mid range bathroom renovation with average size and quality finishing materials costs $15.000 – $22.000

High end bathroom renovation cost with luxury fixtures and larger than average sizes is $22.000 – $35.000

Demolition of Previous Bathroom

The first step of the process renovating your bathroom is to demolish everything there was before and prepare the walls for installation of new materials. This step requires professionals that are well equipped and experienced tearing apart walls and floors. This process will take few days and have a lot of garbage to be disposed. For demolition process ALBO Renovation contractors will have a disposal bin in front of your house to properly dispose all removed materials with fixtures. Demolition is not easy labour and you need to know how not to damage structure of the walls and keep all the wires inside intact. Cost of demolition in bathroom renovation costs $1000 – $1500 with all work and garbage disposal.

Plumbing Work

Licensed plumbers have to be involved in connecting  water pipes and drain during washroom renovation. Home owners should expect to pay around $100 per hour for licensed professional plumber to install all fixtures that include sink, shower, toilet and bath. You will save  large amount of money by not moving location of previous water and drain fixtures. If you are building new bathroom from the scratch and there are no pipes in the area, you will be paying $2000 just for rough ins. This is the main reason professional renovation contractors need to inspect an area before giving exact quote for the job. Plumbing cost for bathroom renovation is $700 – $2500.

Wiring and Installation of Lights

While walls are not completely formed ALBO Renovations will do the wiring in the bathroom. Wires and outlets have to be properly positioned according to design and use of electric appliances. The lights are selected by homeowner with designer and sometimes in larger and older bathrooms electrical subpanels need to be installed due to many pot lights and other light fixtures in the new bathroom. Each pot light installed in the bathroom costs around $60 – $70 for labour and material. While small bathrooms with already adequate wiring may cost $500 for this step in renovation, larger spaces will require more lights and work to be done by licensed electricians and it would cost $2000.

Framing, Drywall Installation, and Painting

Big part of how much bathroom renovation costs will be calculated from forming the walls of the area and finishing them off with paint. When framing is done and all electrical wires are put through we will put water and heat resistant drywall on wooden frames. There will be large portion of renovated bathroom covered with tiles and the rest has to be painted on top with carefully selected paints that work well with moisture. If you are trying to figure out how much bathroom renovation costs we will need to carefully measure parameters for this step. In average you are looking to spend $1500 for framing, setting up drywall and painting it.

Installing Tiles

All of the bathrooms in Toronto have tiles on the floor and most of the walls. Tiles do not require maintenance and will last decades in warm moist areas such as shower or the rest of your bathroom. The material alone may cost up to few thousand dollars, depending on size of the bathroom renovation and quality of tile selected. The rest of the cost will be delivery and installation of the tiles on the walls, floor and in the shower area. When hired tiles installers for renovating your bathroom it will cost on average $3000 – $4000.

Shower – Tub – Toilet

In this section to estimate how much bathroom renovation costs we will talk about the prices of shower, tub and toilet without their installation. Installation is already calculated in plumbing section and here you will see the prices for purchasing the actual tub, toilet and parts of the shower. This will depend strictly on the brand you select. While most of the toilets are in range of $250 – $500, some of the tubs we have installed in past can go as high as $2500 and showers just as much. Average cost of set for your bathroom is $2200.

Vanity and Cabinets

Once again this section of how much bathroom renovation costs is about furniture purchased through suppliers and local sellers. Depending on size and amount of people that will be using your new remodeled bathroom you will select vanity and possibly additional cabinets for storage. Mid range single sink vanity for bathroom costs $800 and double sink vanity averages $1300 with delivery. Additional cabinets will cost anywhere between $400 to $4000 all depending on size and materials they are made off. Installation of cabinets is 10% of the cost and is approximately $100 – $400 for the set.