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What should you look for when hiring home renovations company?
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9 steps when doing basement renovation

What should you look for when hiring home renovations company?

When home owners need renovation to be done at their house or condo in Toronto they will need to hire professional renovation contractor that will be suitable for the job. But how the pick one from hundreds out there claiming to be the best? Do you simply hire first one that gives you a quote and looks like they have been doing some home renovations in past? ALBO Renovations wants to protect potential clients from getting scammed or hiring company that will not perform as you expect them to. There are 8 things we will suggest home owners to look for in home renovation contractor company before signing the contract.

Understand the Job

hiring home renovations company

The company representative will most likely come and see you to discuss the project, take measurements and tell you how much it will cost to renovate your home. Make sure they know the job in and out. Ask as many questions as you possible can about job details and how would they proceed with each step progressing forward. Get suggestions from them about different options of work and finishing materials for your home renovation in Toronto. Within first few minutes you should have an understanding if this is the company you will be considering to work with on your project.

Examples of Similar Work

All home owners are worried how workers will do on their home renovation job. Especially if your project is as complicated as room addition or entire home renovation. Be sure to ask the contractor company to show you examples with similar work they have done previously. Take a look at their gallery for images of and designs that were done for their customers. ALBO Reno regularly updates samples of current work on website and social media channels. One of the best and safest ways to protect yourself is to ask for contacts past clients with similar work.

Reviews and Comments

Most of reliable home renovation companies in Toronto have pages on social medias and have followers that have positive or negative responses . There are website like HomeStars, Houzze and Trusted pros that have reliable system for clients to leave reviews and ratings. You can be sure about legitimacy of this reviews as this websites have protection systems and random inspections with quest requests. ALBO Renovations has outstanding record of  reviews and comments on all online sources about home renovation jobs in Toronto. We respect all views from our customers and try to make our work visible to all visitors.

Licenses for Work

Larger home renovations consist of many complicated steps that are usually performed by different trades. By the law in Toronto plumbing installations and electrical work has to be done by licensed trades. Ask contractor that is giving you a quote to provide all required licenses for your home renovation project.


To legally protect your home for the time of renovation your home improvement contractor must have liability insurance. It protects your property from fires, explosions and many more situations that would damage your home or condo. All reliable and experienced renovation companies should have at least 1.000.000 liability insurance and with ease with provide it to you upon request.

Competency and Reliability

From the first time you call someone and request information about home renovation in Toronto you will start building a relationship with a company that you may hire for your job if they satisfy you with how they do business. Does the company have customer services representative that will take your inquiries and direct your information to salesman or supervisor? Do they show up on time for the quotation you scheduled at your premises? You may even ask to come out and see how they perform at work on current projects in Toronto to have an idea of workforce on site.

Number of Workers and Workflow

It does sound suspicious when renovation company takes on your project and is able to start it right away. If company is as professional and experienced as they claim, they should be scheduled for months ahead. To understand which company to hire, ask how many workers they have currently and if they have renovation projects scheduled ahead this year. Do not be surprised if company that comes to appraise your project tells you they do not have time to work on it until they finish few jobs.

Written Contract

Have you ever had a home renovation contractor show up to do the job and tell you he can do only cash job and does not want to sign a legal contact that binds him and customer and makes responsible for changes and timelines? Of course in this business many companies try to cut corners and do jobs for cash to avoid taxes, but it is not safe for home owner. They can take your deposit and run away without any written documents saying they even came to your place. Hire or consider hiring home renovation Toronto contractor only with proper invoices and contracts with detailed description of work and payment schedules.