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What is included in home renovation costs? ALBO Reno Toronto
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What is included in home renovation costs

What is included in home renovation costs

When starting a new home renovation project in Toronto, most people don’t realize all the details and stages of the job that will done by the contractor. And sometimes home owners do not expect as much as they get in the quote by home renovation company, simply because they think they will be paying only for labour and not knowing the actual process. Some of the jobs will be limited and exclude few things such as permits or finishing materials as customers already have it or will come up with it on their own. ALBO Home Renovations is experienced contractor to do your job and explain what exactly you pay for. Here is a list of what is usually included in our quotations for your reno.

Design and Drawings

To start any home renovation job you need to know what exactly to do. Designers can suggest different strategies to go with and drawings to support structural changes of the house. ALBO Remodeling and designing professionals can offer assistance in selecting proper finishes and styles for your new layout. With ease you can match types of flooring with walls and baseboards. Use one of our pre selected designs or see if you like project from our previous clients that will match your desires. This is the first step from professional company that will start your renovation job.

Management and Labour

The price of the home renovation will  include all labour cost from start to the very end. ALBO home remodeling crew will be set for your job and will have specific number of workers or work hours set. With larger projects there is need to manage work as well as arising questions between customer and company performing the work. Payment schedules are set and paperwork is being filled out. Because of rotating trades on site for specific tasks our schedules are established months ahead to accommodate workers and clients.

Demolition and Recycling

The actual physical work that should be included in renovation cost is demolition and getting rid of garbage or materials from your house or condo. The good example of that would be ripping out old laminate flooring and disposing it. Garbage bins are ordered to properly dispose all unwanted material. Average size demo with garbage will cost few thousand dollars alone, without removing or partially demolishing walls and structural supports. Be careful with quality of your contractors or may demolish a wall that does not need to go down.

Rough Construction Materials

Little that we think about, but to do proper job workers need rough construction materials. What is it and why should you pay for it? It can be something small as nails, glue, tape or larger materials such as plywood, concrete cement, plaster. It is absolutely necessary to include rough construction materials in the initial cost of renovation because they are not cheap and home owner would not be able to supply them for all tasks. We supply all of our trades with equipment and material for their job to be sure it is always on site.

Finishing Materials

There is no set price on all finishing materials and the go as high as tens if thousand dollars. Sometimes home owners like to supply and materials they have chosen for the job but in most cases ALBO Reno includes selected materials in the initial quote for entire renovation. This includes flooring for the house, tiles for kitchen and bathroom, bathtub/shower and all toilet accessories, and many more. Professional company should have a list of suggested materials in pre-design stage of the project and have set up mind of the client for exact last touch ups, colors and styles for the finishes.

Deliveries of Materials

Getting all materials from supplier to the job site can cost you as much as few thousand dollars, depending on quantity and distance. A portion of whole sum that you pay for home renovation in Toronto will be set only for delivering materials. It is usually cheaper to order everything though the company you are dealing with because they usually have memberships with suppliers and get massive orders with discounts. If you have ordered finishing materials or appliances ahead, notify your contractor and made him aware of all deliveries.

Permits and Inspections

Did you know that in order to add bathroom, any other room or change structure of your house you need to apply for permits to the city and get approval for commencing work. If permits are not obtained, you can be facing charges and other legal consequences. ALBO Reno has done hundreds of permits through cities in Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario and we know how to receive needed paperwork without delays. Some permits may cost you up to $3,000.

Clean Up

Are you as home owner satisfied to have a house or condo full of cut material, dirt stains and garbage after home renovation in Toronto? ALBO Renovations cleans up work area and all areas of the house that were exposed to work or passing by. Depending on the job size, but some clean ups may take up to a day if not more. Usually for the time of renovation unmovable furniture and structures are covered by tarp to keep clean. All of this should be included in the price of your home renovation in Toronto.