How to select contractor for your kitchen renovation? ALBO Reno
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How to select contractor for your kitchen renovationHow to Select Contractor for Your Kitchen Renovation?

Kitchen renovation in Toronto is relatively big project and takes a professional company to do. There are many steps to take though out the process and you need a company that is reliable. How can you choose the one company that you will be happy to work with? How do you just trust a man you have never seen in your life to do full kitchen renovation? There are many options that home owners can use to protect themselves without worrying that contractor will run away with their money or do a horrible job that will lead to disappointment and probably redoing the project all over. So many companies advertise to be the best at what they do, but how can you find the true professional you will give your project to? ALBO Renovation Contractors will be happy to help you with your project in Toronto or GTA. Our consistency in customer satisfaction has brought us many positive reviews online and led to referral jobs from friends and family members. If you live in the area we cannot service or would like to get a second opinion from on your kitchen remodeling, we suggest to follow listed steps for selecting a contractor.

Free Estimatekitchen renovation planning

Have you ever contacted a renovation company to come take a look at the job you wanted them to do, and they replied that it will cost you just to do an estimate? If not, consider yourself lucky, because there are many companies that will charge you just show up and price up kitchen renovation in Toronto. Try to stay away from those “reno professionals” because all it really means is they are a small company and cannot afford to hire estimators. Or they may just scam you, they will charge for the estimate and give you the price on the job you can never agree on. Select contractor for your kitchen renovation with free estimate like ALBO RENO.

Suppliers for materials

Every kitchen renovation regardless of the size requires to use rough construction materials as well as finishing materials. Contractor or an estimator may suggest that you buy your own finishing materials for the job to save time and money. This is not the case with ALBO Renovations. We believe that professional reno companies should work with suppliers and get discounts for their clients. We price our job the way that customers will save money by purchasing finishing materials through us and on top of that we will deliver it for free. Ask our estimator for catalog of materials that can be purchased for your kitchen remodeling.

Available Designerskitchen cabinets desings

Do you know the latest designs on kitchens and possible options to remodel the space? Can you picture your kitchen area with different materials and laid out in unique styles? Inexperienced contractors will be able to suggest only few options from many that are possible to have your kitchen remodeled. Or even worse they may ask you to make up your mind and call them back when the design has been agreed on and all materials selected. ALBO Renovations believes that designer should be at least suggested to the home owner to work together on how the end product will look. We provide FREE professional designer on all of our jobs for home owner’s assistance.

Images from Other Projects

Can the contractor that came to see your job provide you with images of jobs they have recently completed? Can they prove with those images that work they do stand out from everyone else. Good kitchen renovation company will have website with a gallery full of examples from past for new customers to see and have an idea of what to expect. Do not be fooled by web designers downloading images from internet and showing them to your as their projects. The best way to show an example to customer is to provide pictures before and after kitchen remodeling.

Show up on Jobsite

One of the methods to select contractor for your kitchen renovation in few weeks is to ask them about their current project location and come to see what exactly they are doing. This is not usually practiced by homeowners but we believe this is one of the best ways to protect yourself from getting scammed. ALBO Renovations invites all of the customers to come to our current job locations. You can meet the workers and talk to supervisor about what is being done. Chat with the homeowner to see if they are satisfied with kitchen renovation we are doing for them.

Reviews by Customers

You should never trust a guy to do your kitchen just because he says they are good. And in our opinion all professional companies should have online presence for their customers to leave a review. Google the company that gave you an estimate on the job and see what people say about them. Do they get job from start to end leaving home owners happy or do they take more time and money than people expect? There are websites for customer reviews that help home owners understand the quality of reno companies. Try homestars, houzz, yelp, trustedpros and google map to see if you can find a listing for your contactor.

Payment Schedule

No matter how good and reliable your remodeling company is, they should not ask for full job payment ahead of time. To understand how to select contractor for your kitchen renovation you must foresee the implications of hiring a company that does not know what they are doing. Companies like ALBO Renovations make scheduled payments in contract and proceed with project steps as they get payments. This allows homeowner to see progress and understand what exactly he is paying for. You should be able to see which steps and materials eat up most of your budget simply by scheduling the pays.

Licensed and Insured Professionals

When choosing company or contractor for your kitchen remodeling ask them to show proof of insurance. To protect all customers from incidents ALBO Renovations and most reliable companies have insurance that covers unforeseen damages to your home. Professional trades must be licensed and have to provide copy of their certificate when asked. If you have doubts in legitimacy for the paperwork and what are the mandatory licenses renovation company should have call the city and ask about bylaws regarding your project. Get only insured and licensed company to be safe even if it costs more.