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10 Steps in Kitchen Renovation

How to prepare for kitchen renovation

You have finalized your thought and now want to go ahead with your kitchen renovation. You have contacted many contractors and picked ALBO Renovations for the job, because we provided many references and gave you a quote you liked. What is the next step? The contractor for your kitchen renovation will do the job, but is there anything else that needs to be done by home owner? Yes, in fact there are many steps to prepare for kitchen renovation by the customer. It is a process to help the work go as smooth as it can be and protect your house or condo from any damages. By preparing for kitchen remodeling you will prevent many situations that you were not aware of to back fire on you, when its least needed. ALBO renovations has prepared a step by step home owner preparation guide for kitchen renovation to help our customers with the process.

Consult with ContractorRenovation Contractor on phone working

To have everything prepared for the job to start consult with contractor you hired and ask them if you can assist with help  for the process to go faster and easier. There could be arrangements done regarding using the washroom as these guys will be in your home for at least few weeks. There could be hidden details that need to be taken care off in preparation stage. Create rules that all workers have to follow for your own protection. Aside from working on your kitchen renovation these guys will eat, smoke and take brakes. Delineate the area and create a smoking spots with disposal for cigarettes so your lawn does not become one big ashtray.

Select Design for Kitchen

One of the most important steps in preparation for your kitchen renovation is design stage. It is absolutely the worst case for the contractor when home owner did not set up his mind on specific layout and design prior to start. In these situations customer may be asking for changes and modifications though out the project which will delay the time to finish and extend amount of money spent. Work with designer or contract on design to select finishing materials for cabinets, countertop and flooring.  We can suggest styles and colors from our previous projects and suppliers we are currently working with.

Time Schedulingkitchen renovation planning

Time is everything in renovation business as your kitchen needs to get back to operational stage. Ask your contractor how long will it take them to finish the job from start to the very end. Prepare yourself to be without kitchen or even living in different place for the duration of your kitchen renovation. It will get loud, dirty and toxic with paints and solvents. Ask renovation company when can they start as most of professional companies are booked ahead and can take your reno job according to their schedule. While they have schedules you may have some as well. Make sure to look in your calendar and see if there are any events that will be happening for the time of kitchen renovation. Are you willing to do it on Christmas holidays or maybe your birthday?

Clear the Path

Take a look at your kitchen and where it is positioned in your house or condo. To get to your kitchen workers will need to go through the entrance and at least one hallway. Double check with contractor if anything has to be removed from furniture to personal belongings for space on deliveries and massive garbage disposals. If your kitchen renovation is in condo, book the service elevator for the contractors and specify the dates that are needed for material deliveries and demolition disposals. If your reno is in house, ask how many parking spots renovation guys will need to use for themselves and arrange the placement of the garbage bin.

Empty the Area

If your kitchen renovation is not in newly purchased house or condo than it is full of personal items that have to go for the time being. There are many things that will have to be places in storage places like basement or garage. Your personal pictures and documents that you put on countertop or fridge, spices and cooking books. You will have to carefully stock all your glasses and dishes while kitchen renovation is taking place. And of course most of the space that has to be cleared is furniture like tables and chairs. Ask your contractor if they need anything else to be removed to perform job safely without damaging your items.

Plan Your Cooking

Yes your kitchen will not be operational and you need to plan how you are going to feed yourself and your family. There are few options that homeowners can take to accommodate themselves with food. Some of the houses may have a second kitchen where all the cooking will have to be done. The second option is to cook ahead of time and store food. It is not preferable by most customers as kitchen renovation may take up to a month long. Eating out may sound expensive every day for the duration of the project but may be the only option for yourself. The last option suggested by ALBO kitchen renovation contractors is relocation to place which has working kitchen.

Cover everything with plastic

Do not for a second think that professional and reliable contractors may never damage your personal items at home. The madness will start from the first day of demolition and will last a while. While you transferred furniture and cleared the path for workers and delivers there are items that cannot or don’t need to be moved. All of it has to be covered with plastic. The reason is not only damage and stains of paint. It also prevents from dust going everywhere and believe us it will if you don’t properly prepare for kitchen renovation. There will be cutting and grinding which creates high amount of airborne dust.