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10 Questions from Kitchen Renovation Contractor to You10 Questions from Kitchen Renovation Contractor to You

In eyes of home owner kitchen remodeling contractors are people that have to magically transform their outdated kitchen into something special and unique at the same time. On top of that home owners have this idea that it will be almost free and there will be no materials needed for this job. Oh yes, we forgot to add that it all can be done in no time. The expectations are sometimes far from reality and what was in your mind going to be 2 weeks project for $10000, may end up close to a month to do and will need a budget double of what you were going to pay.

We tell all of our customers about preparations for remodeling jobs and how to start getting ready. There are questions that you will be asking your contractor company and designer before and during the job. But what about them? What do professionals need to know before starting to work with you? If you are looking for kitchen renovation contractor that is reputable and well known for great jobs, you will need to make them want to work with you as well. We have created a list of questions from kitchen renovation contractor to you before the deal is signed.

Financing SituationKitchen Renovation for Yourself

For many people in Toronto is it regular to take a loan for your kitchen renovation while others want to pay for the job with cash. This situations can be different for everyone and have different purpose behind. If you are selling the house and just doing renovation to increase home value, you should consider getting home equity loan. ALBO Renovations works with top mortgage brokers in Toronto and can assist you with monthly payment for remodeling.

Budget for New Kitchen

The most of  all questions you will hear from all contractors you will call for giving you a quite is: What is your budget for kitchen renovation? Some people expect professional remodelers to quote the job and give the lowest possible number they will work is, but it almost never happens. The idea is to not to do renovation with that will be crappy and cheap but to give you the best possible solution with the money you are willing to provide for your new kitchen.

Plan in Hand

One of 10 questions from kitchen renovation contractor to you will be if you have planned everything out or do you require professional assistance? This may slightly change the budgeting because if you need designers and stylists to get in on your job it will cost. Most contractors prefer you sorting out designs and getting plans ready before they can start so the job is not delayed.

Designer Neededkitchen renovation planning

ALBO Renovations and many more kitchen contractors in Toronto will provide designer if needed for your kitchen project. Although help is there some home owners prefer to hire third party designers  or don’t hire anyone for assistance at all. Don’t be surprised when you hear contractor asking you if you need their designer to help you with finalizing thoughts.

Supplier of Materials

Between one third and half of the cost for entire kitchen renovation job will be materials. The rest is obviously labour, deliveries, designs and permits. Because of that prices may change dramatically if home owner decides he wants to supply all the materials for the job. So one of the questions you should expect from contractor is who should supply materials for the job.

Time to Start

Because good professionals are usually booked with work for weeks if not months ahead their sales representative or supervisor will ask you when would be ideal time for you to start the job. This is done strictly for scheduling work and getting everyone familiar with next steps or next projects. Never ever expect professional contractor to start in a week.

Scheduled Timeline

Timing is everything to some people, that is why we would like to know how fast do you need us to finish your kitchen renovation. To finish the same job faster it will require more workers to do it and obviously will cost more for the labour part of the job. Tell your contractor if there is time limit you have for remodeling.

Where to Store Your Stuff?

Kitchen area has many things stores on counter top, inside all the cabinets and in almost every corner you look there will be something. So when contractors will be ready to brake hell lose with demolition crew one of questions about kitchen renovation will be where will be all your dishes and personal things stored. Try to move everything before things get broken and you blame contractors for it.

Will You Move?

One of the questions you may hear from company that does your kitchen renovation is if you are planning on moving somewhere for the time of renovation. It’s not that they don’t want you there, but their noise and dust will make it hell for someone to live in the same area. Another reason is companies want to please home owners and if you are there abstracting work they will suck it up, but you will delay the job.

Prepared for extra costs?

The way it works is kitchen renovation company gives you a quote on the job or works with your budget. The scope of work is outlined and steps of the job are listed in the contract. Sometimes the unexpected comes up which has to be dealt with and it costs money. So the questions is will you be prepared for extra costs?