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10 mistakes in kitchen renovation design

10 mistakes in kitchen renovation design

Renovating your kitchen can be one of the best experiences you will get in upgrading your house. It can be enjoyable if everything is smooth and it can be exhausting if things are falling apart. Think of it as a big puzzle that needs many professionals to work on with preparation and necessary adjustments. Your finished kitchen renovation should be both functional and beautiful, because you will spend a lot of time in kitchen and dining area with friends and family. It’s a place not only for cooking and eating, you may also use it to entertain or even show off.

If you have had experience in renovating your kitchen before you may know of what to expect. Or maybe your previous remodeling went without any problems and you are still cautious of what can go wrong. ALBO Renovations can tell you in person what mistakes can be made and how to avoid them. Our team of experts will work with you, preparing for every next step and explaining the work. Please see below listed mistakes that can happen throughout the job process.

Countertop EfficiencyGranite Kitchen Countertop Efficiency

Just because you ordered granite countertop for your kitchen renovation and it looks fabulous, does not meat it has to be larger and wider. First understand what exactly you are going to do in the kitchen and have a design ready. Small counter space is even worse. Have you seen new condos in Toronto downtown? It’s almost impossible to use it for cooking or even calling it a functional kitchen.

Storage Space

Most of kitchens people are using for primary cooking and enjoyment have tons of appliances, dishes and other stuff. If you do not plan designs correctly your kitchen may lack space for storage. Have enough cabinets ordered or specially designed for all necessary things you may keep in your kitchen. Too much storage can be a bad thing as well. It just occupies extra space with no use.

Walls and Separations

Some old houses with kitchens build 20 years ago and over have layout that is not popular anymore. If pull out kitchen storageyou are remodeling kitchen with enclosed walls for kitchen area it is a must to restructure it. Open the space with removing the walls and separation between kitchen and dining area. Open areas are valued more as they create a vision of expended space with natural light coming through.

Sink, Fridge and Stove

One of 10 mistakes in kitchen renovation design is setting up stove, fridge and sing far away from each other. You can’t put them next to each other as well, because you need to separate it with counter space for putting down plates and foods. Picture yourself cooking and think of the best positions for your sing, fridge and stove to be.

Island Positioning

First of all figure out if you need to install an island in your kitchen and how it will work out. If you don’t have professional designer with drawings for kitchen installation, coordinate with constrictor on how it will be positioning. The last thing you want is installing an island without leaving enough space to comfortably walk on each side of it.

Inadequate Lights

In some kitchen renovations the area is expended or walls are removed to add space. What people forget is, with adding space you need sufficient lights to be installed in the area. There are many options how lights can be set up on the ceiling, and even walls of your kitchen. It is getting popular to install lights under cabinets and appliances above counter tops.

Ventilation Set UpKitchen Ventilation Set Up

Regardless of how good and modern your kitchen will be at the end, it will not cover smell from cooking unless proper ventilation is set up. In houses it is common to use local and direct ventilation systems as hood, while in condominiums it can be a combination of central ventilation of the building and local exhaust hood. Don’t make ventilation your last priority and plan it ahead.

Short or Large on Budget

You cannot magically set up expectation on cost for kitchen renovation without understanding the prices and getting quotes from remodeling contractors. Most of the home owners have set up budget, which in some cases can hurt them. If your budget is too low you may never get what you have hoped for, and if it is too high, you may get kitchen that will be too high of quality for your place.

Too Stylish for House

We hear it over and over how kitchens are the heart of the house and will raise up the value of home if remodeled properly. One of ten mistakes in kitchen renovation design is when home owners want to make their kitchen upgrades for over $50.000 while the rest of the house is not even in the same league. Make the styles match and underline each other in your home.

Not Hiring Professionals

We give tips to home owners on how to do proper kitchen renovation and guide on the process, but the job has to be done by professionals. ALBO Renovations crew will take care of all your installations and remodeling procedures without hesitation, so you don’t make any mistakes in kitchen renovation design.