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Home renovation mistakes when done without professional contractor - ALBO Reno
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9 steps when doing basement renovation

Home renovation mistakes when done without professional contractor

It is not unusual for homeowner to think that his home renovation project can be done without hiring professional contractors. You can be very handy person and know a lot about how work is done around the house, but we strongly suggest to use professional home renovation company for your project due to many mistakes home owners make while trying to renovate their home without professional contractor. We know that you want to save money with an idea that everything can be done if trying hard enough, but larger renovations can go horribly wrong for home owners and you could potentially spend twice as more money fixing something that hasn’t been done properly in first place. We are doing this on daily bases and are prepared for all hidden obstacles that could take home renovation project south. Hiring ALBO Home renovation company will save you money, time and the headache with your home improvement job and by all means will satisfy with end results. If you do decide to do the reno on your own, make sure you are well prepared and educated about all steps of home renovation process you will be doing, and get a second option from professionals before you start. We won’t charge you for suggestions.

Here below is a list of things that can go wrong if you try to do home renovation without professional Toronto contractor.


Throughout job process you will need to take measurements for ordering, preparing and cutting material. Without knowledge your accurate measurements may lack extra details that professional home renovators remember by heart. Small things like leaving space for flooring to expand in warm temperatures or extra drywall for connections or holes in the walls that may need to fix, will cause you delays and extra money.

Ordering Less Material

What home owners don’t realize is, professional home renovation contractors in Toronto, like ALBO RENO, work hand to hand with suppliers and have company accounts with them. So ordering more material is not a problem, as we can return it after the home improvement is over. Home owners that do job themselves trying to be careful not ordering too much finishing material and end up paying twice for deliveries.

Professional Finishes

Take a look at ALBO Renovation portfolio and compare the images to what have you done in past from home renovations and improvements. We are in this business because we are one of the best in Toronto and are proud of how our finished projects look. If you have worked in trades there is no doubt that your finish work can be amazing too, but if this is your first time doing home renovation you may run into problems.

Unrealistic Budget

Knowing how much the materials are going to cost and setting up entire budget is extremely important. The worst thing to happen is for you to expect to spend 20.000 dollars and run out of money half way through renovation. We have seen many clients that changed their minds on starting home renovation jobs simply because they actually found out what it would cost with labour, materials and deliveries.

Type of Flooring

You may prefer one type of flooring over another, but are you sure it will work well for your house? Do you know how much moisture is in your basement and if the hardwood will not pop up few weeks after installation? Is carpet going to be a good idea for your house full of pets? There are many factors to consider before selecting proper type of flooring. Do research before you finalize on floor type.

Home Style

Let’s be honest here and say that most home owners are not up to date with current designs and styles that could enhance the house. ALBO Renovations and home improvement will connect you with designer that can suggest layouts for your specific house or condo. There is no point of renovation if you don’t do a great job at it. At least hire a designer to help you out with what can be done.

Electrical Work

As you may know, there will be tons of electrical work at home. You may even need to change electrical panels to get more outlets and lights in the house. Simple mistakes with electricity can cause fire or having someone electrocuted. If connections and wiring are not done properly and covered with drywall you will have to demolish it to fix electrical work. Most of electrical work by the law has to be done by licensed professional.


Be sure to apply for all necessary permits when performing major renovations at home, adding bathroom and changing structural walls at home. All professional contractors already have contacts to call in the city for required permits. If you do not get approvals from city inspectors and proceed with completing the job, you may have charges laid on you when found out.

Not Thinking of Safety

Occupational hazards and safety precautions are almost never considered when doing home renovation without contractor. Simply because you do not do it every day, you may not know about all hazards associated with construction job. From simple cuts and burses to electrocutions and poisonous elements such led and silica. Verify that all work performed is thought ahead and safety measures are taken to protect yourself and your house.