What materials do you need for bathroom renovation
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What materials do you need for bathroom renovation

What materials do you need for bathroom renovation?

So, you decided to upgrade your bathroom? And your choice has fallen on our company? You made the right decision considering the amount of satisfied customers for bathroom renovation around Greater Toronto Area. When choosing a company ALBO Renovations – you create yourself a guarantee of quality repair for many years. We take into account all the features of your bathroom, and consider all individual requests from home owners. One of the main components of  Toronto bathroom renovation is the choice of material. In fact most of our clients ask us what materials do you need for bathroom renovation. To choose the materials you need to bear in mind that in the bathroom has high level of humidity. After all, this space is often subject to different levels of temperature and spilled water on the floor. All selected materials should be adequate for style selected by the customers as well as water resistant. Also, the material should be effected or enlarged by increased temperatures. Repair course begins with the demolition and preparation for the work. Our renovation professionals will disassemble the old plumbing features and protect the pipes from possible damage or waste falling inside for the time of Toronto bathroom renovation. Do not forget that replacement of piping and electrical wiring will significantly increase the amount of finishing materials used by contractors. Further carried out finishing works (plaster, insulation, etc.). In order to go beyond tiling you need to define the design of your bathroom, this will be completed with help of our designer. He can turn all your ideas into reality. After choosing the design the next step is to select all materials and tiling for finishes of your bathroom.

What materials do you need for bathroom renovation?

Building materials (wood, drywall, insulation, …)

After demolition of old bathroom is completed ALBO Renovation contractors will take on the walls and the floor. Isolation of water or better waterproofing is important component in Toronto bathroom renovation, because we need to create repulsive barrier. The most important thing is to protect the floor from water spills. The walls of the special protection of waterproofing is not needed. For walls also need to use a moisture-resistant material, since moisture cannot be avoided. There is a lot of water-resistant materials for finishing the bathroom. The variant of a moisture-resistant gypsum board, it is a very common material for wall in the bathroom. It is also used for alignment of walls. If you want to use an environmentally friendly product, then the tree is fine. Wood Bathroom specially impregnated with resin and covered with a varnish, to avoid warping or rotting wood, and for that would prolong the operation period. Ask professional contractors like ALBO what materials do you need for bathroom renovation.

Tiles on the floor and walls

Tile is a modern and the most popular material for the bathroom remodeling in Toronto. Tile and ceramic tile is used for finishing the floor and wall by all professional renovation companies and contractors. Of course, the advantage of using tiles for the bathroom is its durability. For laying tiles to start leveled surface. To this end, suitable plaster and drywall. The walls and floor are aligned, then primed. After our surface can be dried and ready to lay down the tiles. In order to put the tiles using a special tile adhesive. Glue is applied to the embossed wall (notched) trowel, tile is laid and pressed tightly.

Electrical appliances and lights

Replacement of electrical wiring and helps you to be confident in their security. Sockets for appliances should be placed closed to prevent ingress of water there. Electrical best to keep away from the bathroom, for example in the bedside table in front of the bathroom. In order that there were no short-circuit, and the more fires. Lighting should be installed so that there were no shadows. And the lighting was bright and cold, then the light will not be pinned.

Shower, Bath, Jacuzzi

Well, renovated bathroom fits to the final result. And before you is not a simple choice, which is better? Conventional cast iron tub is the classic version, but there are more options for the bathroom, such as acrylic and steel. If you like to soak in a hot bath, then definitely make your choice in favor of the iron. The cast-iron tub more practical and reliable, long iron is heated, but then retains heat for a long time. Acrylic bath is not so practical because it is easy to scratch, but quickly warms up. Option Jacuzzi, is for fans to indulge yourself after a busy and hectic day take a relaxing bath with hydro massage. If you live at a frantic pace, and you have no time luxuriating in the bath, then the best option for you would be the shower. So in the renovated bathroom will have more space.


Toilet can be in the same room with a bathtub or separated with a small wall. If you have a bathroom with a bathtub and you want to put toilet in the same room do not simply put it where the old one was. There are many options to divide the room with enclosures and small walls to harmonize and style up the bathroom renovation in Toronto. You can just put semi see through wall with shelves or as a decor element. When choosing a toilet, also need to rely on the design of the room. Toilet is one of the materials you need for bathroom renovation and it’s not easy to select one. There are many styles and designs of toilet with different functions that may be installed in your new bathroom.


At the present time there is a wide variety of sinks and faucets that would enhance and emphasize the interior of your Toronto bathroom remolding . The shells are made of different materials and different shapes. In order to give your bathroom originality and complement its highlight talk to ALBO renovations designer to select modern fixtures. Colour, material, texture is everything and it plays an important role in the design. Sinks can be either porcelain, marble, porcelain and granite, glass and even plastic. Small and large, conventional and design. If you have not yet decided on what type of vanity you will be putting in your bathroom, ask our representative for examples in catalogue. We can easily get you vanity that would match your style or even make it custom from your selection of materials.