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How long does it take to remodel bathroom

How long does it take to remodel bathroom

Well, you decide to do repairs in the bathroom, and do not know how much it will be delayed? Let’s see how much time it may take Toronto bathroom renovations. First you need to discuss the essence of planning or redevelopment with the contractor, and also determined the design of your bathroom. When signing a contract with the contractor of the repair work will have a specified time during which repair your bathroom is ready. If you want ALBO Renovation contractor can  state precisely defined time for all deliveries and remolding steps. Repair of bathroom, despite the size and difficulty of the work can be completed from 10 to 30 days. It all depends on the type of work that needs to be done for Toronto bathroom renovation. Contractor after the examination and selection of your new design will provide you with an estimate. In order for you to understand what our renovation crew will do (it’s all been discussed with you) our contract will have step by step procedures and separate cost for each step of bathroom renovation with material deliveries.

1. Planning and design selection

The first step in the accounting of the repair time includes planning and design. If the customer wishes to make the layout and design of his own, contractors will not start any work until design is finalized and presented. In order to reduce the time in selecting style you can look in our catalogue for examples of previous bathroom renovations in Toronto and add changes you like to see in the bathroom. Our specialist will make the proposed model for remodelling, and then you will be able to visually see the final result. You can either accept or change the model repair. If you decide to do it yourself be prepared to spend days of time on purchases of goods and deliveries to your home for renovation. Just design selection can take up to 3 to 7 days. Depending on the choice of design and an agreement with the contractor the tie will vary.

2. Demolition

Figuring out how long does it take to remodel bathroom in Toronto we need to take in consideration the actual work. The first step of preparing for installing and changing the look is demolition of the previous bathroom. We begin with taking out any  objects, vanities, shelves, etc .. start dismantling the old bathroom sanitary ware, tiles and all finishes such as floor, walls and ceiling. If the project has a demolition of the walls to increase space, or simply you want to combine a bathroom with a bath, it is necessary to carry out immediately, together with the dismantling. The time of the demolition work can be done in one day or two at most.  All materials that are taken out from your previous bathroom will be placed in bin and taken to disposal yard.

3. Electrical, replacement of pipes

After dismounting from your bathroom you will have empty walls. And the next step in bathroom renovation process will be replacing drain pipes and electric wiring. All of the wires will be put through the walls and covered at the end, you won’t even see it. Laying electrical wiring can be done both inside the walls and outside. if you try to fix the wiring after the walls are established the work amount will be increased due to drilling. As a result, replacement of pipes and electrical wiring can be done in 2 days.

4. Walls and ceiling

Once the wiring and plumbing is done the next step in bathroom renovation will be creating the walls and ceiling. At this point you will see wooden frames and wires in between. Renovations professionals also call it the skeleton. Leveling can be both plaster material and moisture-resistant drywall. installing plaster or drywall on your framed walls and ceiling should not take more than 1 day, unless your bathroom is much bigger than average. In walls you will underline where the outlets and light fixtures will be for cutting the walls.

5. Laying the tiles or painting

Of course, it will leave a significant amount of time for laying tiles. Once the tiles laid on the floor, it takes time to pour it. On solidification of tile will go from 12 to 24 hours. It depends on which layer of glue mixture under the tile put by the contractor. Once the floor is ready,  the next step in Toronto bathroom renovation will be laying tile on the wall. Now this work will vary on quality of the job, square footage and sizes of the tile. To finish the bathroom tiles and let it set we schedule about a week. After the tiles are set we will paint the room which should not take more than half a day. In total this step of bathroom remodeling will be between 5 and 8 days.

6. Installation of plumbing fixtures

The bathroom is almost finished and carefully laid out with fixtures ready for setting. Your bathroom is left almost ready to be enjoyed, the only few things are left to install are bathroom or shower, a sink,  and  faucets. If up to this point everything was up to design and approved by home owner, it is time to finish up with lights. We will install lights prepared for Toronto bathroom renovation and be ready to finish the project very soon. This step in remodeling will take 1 day at most.

7. Cleaning

Cleaning premises is not always is simple as you may think. Figuring out how long does it take to remodel bathroom consider the last step of cleaning after each of the types of work. There will be stains and parts of paint that need to be taken care of with special chemicals. There will be debris from concrete and tiles. Our professionals will clean up the area and make your new bathroom shine. Cleaning the bathroom area will take half a day.