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Green Bathroom Renovation

Green Bathroom Remodeling

In Toronto more and more people go green and try to watch every step they make in life not to harm mother nature. We should care about our environment in Canada with climate changes and pollution from waste and chemicals used in the process. ALBO Renovations has been up to date with green renovations and remodelling in Toronto and we care about how our waste is handled when it leaves job site. We have come up with solution that would work perfectly for the environment and not going high on the budget for green bathroom remodeling. Through many projects we have learned how we can use materials that are suitable for reuse or safe disposal, how we can save energy and select appliances that can save money on water. If you go green with your bathroom remodeling it will cost you slightly more than regular renovation by typical contractor, but in the long run the amount of money spend on electricity, heat and water will cover the extra expenses on construction of bathroom facility. On top of that you cannot put a price on environment where your kids will grow up and try to raise their own kids.

Water saving methods

Water we use in bathroom for washing hands and body is rather worm than cold. Installing new water heater that is considered green and money saving can be used in most of the bathroom of residential homes in Toronto. Simply by hiring ALBO Renovations for green remodeling in the bathroom you will have an understanding of the entire process and have contract in hand that will explain step by step work. With installation of modern heating system will save you around 100$ per year on your payments and will be better for the environment in Canada.

All of us have to shower every day and if you have larger family, there could be line up in the morning to take one. Water that come out for showering is estimated to be around 25% of all water used in the house. ALBO Renovations works with suppliers of showerheads that can minimize the water flow by as much as 30% and still have similar pressure to have proper showers. This green approach in bathroom remodeling can save an average home in Toronto close to $200 per year on water use and electricity bill combined.

One of the other sources of water that can be potentially reduced with our bathroom renovation contractors is from your toilet. Studies have shown that toilet flushes may consume up to 30% of all water in the house. By installing toilets that use slightly less water to flush and with increased pressure you will be saving water that does not have to go to waste as well as money that you can be using elsewhere. One option is to switch to dual flush system on your toilet and reduce water flow in more than half of your flushes. This green touch up in your bathroom can save you $100 per year.

Air Flow in Bathroom

Bathroom is the room where all moisture accumulates with heat from the water used while taking showers or bath. If you have older fan system in your house it can have a bad flow of air and leave behind moisture that can lead to creation of spores and molds. Water in the air that is left inside of the bathroom can potentially damage the walls or furniture like vanity or other shelves. Even some of new fans can have problems with carrying out all of the hot air, by creating bad smells and bacteria. The key is in exchange of air from warm to cold. Replacement of a switch system can play a big role as many of us forget to turn the fan off from time to time. Motion detector or time switchers are popular in green bathroom remodeling for newer homes in Toronto. Ask ALBO Reno contractors for possible solutions on your air flow in bathroom.

Green Materials Used

Most of home owners use green materials already for their renovations without knowing about it. One of  the materials that is most often seen in bathrooms is ceramic tiles. They are very low maintenance and can be recycled afterwards. Tiles are water resistant and can withstand heat with moisture without any problem.  Materials used by professionals renovation your bathroom, should not have any organic components and have to be saving heat inside the room. All the paint has to selected by professionals and applied properly to cover the walls from any water in the air. Otherwise it will start to rot and will have molds inside the wall. New lights installation can be a money saver as well. Most of ALBO green bathroom remodeling jobs consist of supplying materials as well as proper lights selected by the client and installed. Search our catalog for products that will be suitable for your bathroom renovation.

Construction Waste and Garbage

The first step of actual work in Toronto bathroom renovation is obviously demolition. While taking everything apart there will be a lot of construction and finishing materials that have to be recycled properly. Most of the contractors in Toronto do not separate any of the materials and dump it together to save money. ALBO Renovations on other hands takes care of all waste materials separately and disposes it to appropriate yards. Yes it does cost some extra money but we are proud to be one of the companies in Toronto that cares about environment and pollution. Hire us as you  remodeling contractor and we will explain all benefits of green remodeling. There are tons of money that can be saved on your electricity and water bills every month and by choosing us you will be doing something good for the mother nature.