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GTA Professional Bathroom Ideas for Remodeling and Renovation
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The Simplest Toronto Bathroom Ideas For Your Next Renovation

Getting a house renovated is a great way to increase the value of the space. Most of the rooms can be done up in a simple manner, which does not take up much time. The bathrooms of the house are one space that can really benefit from a touch up. These need not be done up in an extensive manner, if the overall plumbing and fixtures are in good shape. Instead, try some ALBO Renovations bathroom ideas to give it a new look and feel.

1) Accessories – Bathrooms can be fitted with small and big accessories both. A focal point can be a vanity or a dresser. For smaller bathrooms, it is easier to include small pops of color with the help of towels, potpourri, soap dishes and the toothbrush stand. If you have the space, a small vase with fresh flowers can really add a new dimension to the bathroom.


2) Try Wallpaper – In case you do not want to repaint the entire bathroom, wallpaper works great on a single wall. It should preferably be a somewhat muted shade and match the overall color scheme. You can pick out different patterns, or go for a decal if the wall area is not enough for extensive wallpapering.


3) Bathroom Tiles – One of the more interesting Toronto bathroom ideas is to create patterns out of the tiles. You need not fix them yourself, but you can always choose the tiles and create the patterns for a professional to install. This is a fun way to involve the family and give each bathroom a similar theme but different identities.

Retro white bath tub with modern shower
Master bathroom hardwood floor ideas

4) Glass Enclosure Decoration – Glass doors and shower enclosures are a great place to practice your creativity. There are many ways to decorate them. You can go in for a frosted look or try out different decals. If you have a good eye and hand for painting, try making a stained glass fresco on the outside of the glass door. Any light source will transform your morning shower into a colorful affair.


5) Create Storage – A bathroom can get a fresh new look with the help of improved storage. To begin with, de-clutter the countertops and use baskets to store the items instead. These should be of a neutral color, such as brown or beige, or they can match with the color scheme of the room. Use the space under the sink to stow away unsightly cleaning materials. You can also create an effective shower storage area by hanging metal drawers.


6) Add A Bigger Mirror – A large mirror makes the interior look bigger and can hide unsightly blemishes on a wall. For such DIY bathroom ideas, all you need to do is pick out a mirror that looks well and matches the rest of the décor.


These simple Toronto bathroom ideas are easy to implement. You can involve your family over the space of a weekend to get them done over the course of three of four weeks. Just remember, stay simple and stay on course. It will help you get a beautiful new bathroom.


Transformation from outdated rooms to modern and enjoyable living spaces

Some More Bathroom Ideas

Well, let’s start with the prospect, the principle of what we’re going to do to your bathroom. Always keep in mind that “every single thing you might add to a small bathroom should have some goals”, don’t put anything there just for putting there. Now, let’s show you some more ideas:


  1. Add some Stack floating shelves to store your colorful (don’t forget that white is counted as a “color” OK) towels and show them in open shelving. You might think about wooden crates as well. Be creative.
  2. Don’t add anything that has no purpose, no role, or no functionality; you obviously need the space for more interesting things.
  3. Paint the walls with neutral colors to make the room feel calm. Maybe hybrid walls with neutral colors may make you feel calm, maybe not, it’s really your choice here, but avoid accent colors in walls as much as possible.
  4. Stylish soap dishes may add some sharpness to the design, and you may consider painting the mirror frame with a mix of accent colors.


We always look for something that shows brilliance, clarity, and harmony in our bathrooms, so their decoration is a crucial process to achieve the desired results:

Master bathroom hardwood floor ideas
Bathroom tiles and tubs ideas

Natural options:

They are basically made from natural stones (marble cut and granite) and they are just perfect to avoid the one-size-fits-all look of the cultured marble. Generally, depending on their size, they cost more than the manufactured options. However, if the counter’s size is relatively small, you may be able to find a piece of granite with much lower price.

  1. Choosing a Bathtub:

There are many factors that may help choose your design, the amount of space is obviously the first thing you should consider, if you have sufficient place, consider making a freestanding tub, and use corner bathtub otherwise. The style is important too, you don’t need an outstanding bathtub sitting in the middle of the room; it needs to be homogenous with the other elements of the room. And, finally, your budget is the factor that can precise your limitations.

  1. Pick up a Vanity:

Heavy things huh! Not just the heaviest element of a bathroom, but one of the heaviest things in your whole home. The first thing you should think about is its location, where you could put it? Because, if you decided to move the vanity to some other place, you may need to consult a plumber before even thinking about buying a new one. The second thing is its size of course. You may need also to define whether you need the cabinet to recess into a nook or to have sides exposed (one or two sides).

Stock vanities are usually good options for low-budget buyers, they are usually plain sides thus they are perfect for nooks and look good when recessed.

  1. The Countertop:

We are probably limited, on a material basis, to two options concerning the material of the counter: a natural option and a manufactured one as many change their bathroom ideas.


Bathroom designs are varied in their nature and can be adapted in a million different ways. As long as it matches your comfort level, the sky is the limit. Search for new designs and make your inspiration boards for a unique look.

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