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Need to Lower Basement? ALBO Basement Underpinning in Toronto
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The Complete Process of Basement Underpinning and Lowering

ALBO Renovations will lower the existing basement and may provide you with some great extra space! This is what is the need of many people, when they want to create more space in their existing basement. But they will need professional help of achieving what they want. If basement is a place where you spend lots of time, think of getting it redone and create more space out of it. If the ceiling height of the basement is really low, then you should consider making some changes to it.


It basically uses a benching system with an underpinning one, and I’m going to do into some details of both systems.. Every extra space will be of some use to the family who is staying there and some people may want to create a home office. Basement underpinning Toronto may cost you starting from few thousands dollars and upward, based on your needs. Once you do this, it will create up to 50% extra space and that can be used for various purposes. Some people do not think of this option based on sheer cost , which is required for underpinning. Also some other people think that it may not add too much of Benching, to save money and will also help you to design the basement in a better way. But it has to be smartly done. You can add some customized furniture that will help you create more space with both these processes. Keep in mind that basement lowing in Toronto is an awesome solution, but that is with the right panning. If you has a dry basement then this is a very good process to follow.

Benching System – The complete Overview:

We use this benching system to, actually, make some extra living space. The sidelining framework is considered as a sister to basement underpinning framework in Toronto; it permits to make the same general height benefit, however, it minimizes the square footage, you need to pay something for something else alright!Designing an area according to the benching system will make it suitable for many applications. It is a framework that saves you both money and time (better than underpinning) and that is something that will give you lots of extra space and once you hire a good professional who know and even the cost may come down if done efficiently in planned manner and that is a big plus for you.


Transformation from outdated rooms to modern and enjoyable living spaces

Benching Procedure:

Here is a list of the most important steps to perform this process:

  • Getting engineer drawings and grants before starting, from a professional who does in the right way. You should hire someone who has got a good amount of experience and also does not charge you a very high amount. Hence you can look for reference of the people who have helped you to get the job done before or someone in the family who has got the job done.
  • Removing the solid (concrete) floor, this is a part of the process and has to be done. You cannot leave that unattended and that could cause lots of hindrance in your work for heath too, so what are you waiting for.
  • Uncovering the soil to its legitimate elevations, pending on the height that is needed the decision about how far out from the divider the solid needs to project should be made. You should clearly take help of a professional home improvement company who can guide you to the right way with this step .
  • If someone wants to bring down his basement by 1 ft,the concrete bench must be 1 ft to 1 ½ ft out from the inside wall. This can be done with this process and can help you save lots of space.
  • Once uncovered the border is shaped for the “sidelining” to be poured.
  • Install the new pipes; if the heights for new pipes can’t be achieved, a sewer injector will be required. you will also require help of plumber and if you are getting it done by firm who is giving you a collective quote then you do not need to worry about, but you need to see how suitable it is for your pocket also.
  • Introducing the inside drainage framework to waterproofing the property.
  • At least 3 inches of ¾ rock (gravel) is set on the floor for the base.
  • At that point, the new solid floor is introduced and trowel is finished.
Basement Underpinning Benching
Lowering Basement Process

Underpinning process:

We usually use the Basement underpinning system for “one principle motivation” that is again making additional living space. This framework permits to expand of the general height of both the basement and the square footage. Most home owners prefer to apply this approach since it provides the alternatives to use their basement as an investment property which consequently gives them a wellspring of salary, or to gain a completely completed basement.  Sometime during Toronto basement lowering process the foundation of some old building may be a little weak. Also keep in mind that the person or the contractor doing your job has an “underpinning” insurance policy.

Process for underpinning:

  • Getting engineer drawings and licenses is always the first thing to do.
  • Removing the concrete floor and excavating the soil to legitimate elevation.
  • Uncovering the pins in segments following, of course, the engineers’ drawings, commonly in three phases.
  • In the event that new posts are required,we should install new footings for posts, which imply impermanent jacks will be introduced to support pillar.
  • After the primary phase is made up of the pins which is finished,the 2-inch space which is alongside the current footings and concrete while the installation and this is made well to last long.
  • After finishing all the three phases, the new pipes are to be installed; if the heights of the new pipes can’t be reached then a sewer injector will be needed.
  • The inside waste framework is then introduced with a specific end goal to waterproof the property.
  • At least 3 inches of ¾ rock is set on floor for base, and,at that point, new solid floor is introduced and trowel is finished

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