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Things to do before starting basement renovation - ALBO Reno
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Things to do before starting basement renovation

Things to do before starting basement renovation                     

Basement renovation is a very crucial step in remodeling or home improvement. Before we press further on this, there are basic steps that needed to be taken before thinking about basement renovation. It is important that the design of the renovation and basement must align with the requirement of government codes most especially in Toronto. There are whole lots of things to be considered from the design to the completion of the project. Everything regarding basement renovation must be done in accordance with the government standard to avoid future demolition or issues with the government bodies. So having a prior idea about how your basement renovation will help first to achieve your design at no stress and also to ensure all your basement renovation is done following the government standard in Toronto. After all said and done, there are some things you’re expected to do before you begin your project renovation.

As part of the planning process, getting yourself acquainted to all of these will not only help you to quicken the renovation process, it will also help you work towards achieving the best at a price convenient for you.

Things to consider before starting your basement renovation process

  1. Waterproofing
  2. Excavation
  3. Structural supports
  4. Beams
  5. Underpinning

If there are unused spaces in your home, then they can be renovated to meet your needs. Basement can end up having a whole lot of potentials and uses than you think. With some careful planning, you can have a sought-out after type basement in your home. Generally, basement renovation is much more cost effective and preferred among homeowners in Toronto than adding another level to your home. Not only will this action create enough living space to your home, but it will also stimulate proper insulation and increase energy efficiency.

  1. Waterproofing

A very important thing to know is whether your basement leaks or not. If it leaks, why does it leak? If you have a leveled landscaping, there are possibilities that one or two inches of rain can seep into the foundation and to the basement wall causing your basement leakage. Although you can prevent this when cleaning up the water in your basement after it rains, damages like lingering dampness, bad smell, and slippery floors are part of what causes most headaches to the property owners in Toronto. There are signs to look out for to know there is damp basement problem. You may need to hire a professional waterproofing expert to help you identify the basement the cause of the basement leakage. The following are some of the signs:

  1. When water seeps from your basement wall or floor
  2. When there is a noticeable dampness in your home basement
  3. Little cracks in the basement walls
  4. An uncontrollable odor from the basement
  5. Water tank or furnace rusting
  6. Termites infections
  1. Excavation

If you want to have more rooms in your house in basement areas, then you may need the service of a professional excavator to help in the digging area since the basement is most likely not used except for storage purposes, with the help of an excavator, you can turn the basement into a spare room for your family use.

You may choose from either doing the excavation yourself or better still employing the service of a construction firm for this. Doing the excavation is not always a really big task, and it is always a way to reduce your cost. The only issue is only where to get an excavator for hire. If you are hiring the service of a construction firm, be sure to check if they have the insurance and license to do this task.

  1. Constructional support

During the process of planning for your basement remodeling, it is best to understand that there will be a need for structural engineers to help you for the structural support for your basement in term of structural design and supervision to give you exactly what you want. Also note that supporting posts, low ceilings and the floor below the sewer can cause some challenges in your basement renovation. You can call the attention of a basement renovator to help you out.

  1. Beams

Beams in basement demand that you pay a whole lot of attention to it. This will help in ensuring that you have a perfectly structured basement that can last a lifetime. Although you can have some personal interest in handling your basement on your own, there will always be a need to seek for the service of expertise in this direction. Remember that your basement finishing project can make a whole lot of sense and become a masterpiece when you put more effort and perfections in the basement constructions.

To achieve basement renovation, get the service of a renovator that has enough experience to handle your job.

  1. Underpinning

Basement lowering demands that you lower the flooring in your basement and increase your basement height to give you a more comfortable living space. Underpinning is a complex technique in lowering your basement. It involves digging, excavating and removing some earth sections under the footing of your house. Once the excavation is completed, you will need to pour concrete blocks in place of the removed earth section. You will need to wait until the concrete becomes dried and apply the same method to the adjacent section. Repeat this process until you’re done lowering your basement.

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