How to find good contractor for basement renovation in Toronto?
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9 steps when doing basement renovation

How to find good contractor for basement renovation in Toronto?

One of the most common problem home owners have when renovating their home and specially basement is finding good basement renovation contractor in Toronto. ALBO Renovations has proven to be one of the best in the business in Toronto and GTA area. Our performance has been rated by many companies as well as clients in home improvement and basement renovations. If you are not sure and would like to see job similar to what you will be doing at your home, go to our gallery or ask ALBO representative to show you portfolio with images. Get to know our workers and foreman on the projects. We have no problem taking you to our current jobs and showing you our basement remodeling projects on the go.

Referrals from Friends and FamilyRenovation Contractors at Work

The most trusted way to find a contractor in Toronto for your basement project is to ask your friends and family. See if they had similar work done at their home. That way you can find out all the details and be sure that contractor is competent. There are many scammers that will promise you the world for cheap prices and will disappear after they see first deposit money. With family and friends referral you will have an idea about the timings and quality of work. It works both ways and maybe your friends will tell you not to deal with this particular contractor because they didn’t like the end result or there were difficulties in the process. Even though prices are always negotiable but one company would not go far from their usual estimates. In some cases you may even know someone that works in renovation or can suggest basement contractor company. All renovation companies like referral work and may even give you extra discounts, gifts or free add-ons for your improvement work.

Google and Google Map

Reputable basement renovation companies spend time and money to establish their presence on internet. Google has search engines that will crawl the web and collect all data information about website and company that is operating it. With that Google will rank companies and prioritize them in sequence that is helpful for all browsers and homeowners that are looking to renovation their basements. No one is sure how exactly Google works but it definitely selects top reputable companies and puts them in top of their pages for specific keyword selections such as “basement renovation company” or ” Toronto contractors”. If you as a homeowner looking to do your project by someone very local, you can use Google maps to see who is located where. On the map you will see companies with ranking structure from other clients and customers that have used their services in past. Find someone near you that is trusted by multi billion company and suggested to others.

Review Websites


In Toronto there are few websites with main purpose to rate contractors in different fields. They help clients leave open reviews for everyone to see and rate the company for their experience while working on hired job. These websites were specifically made for homeowners to select appropriate company for their basement renovation job or any other home improvement related project. First the renovation company subscribes either for free or on paid account. They create a profile with company information for homeowners to find them. Then these companies either request reviews from their clients by phone and email, or clients can just go to their account and submit review on their own with attached pictures and job price. Then construction and renovation companies are separated by categories and ranked by number and quality of reviews. It is very hard or as they claim practically impossible to fake reviews as they stick to phone number and they constantly inspect senders by asking invoices.

Free Advertisement

There are thousands of ads posted by basement renovation contractors on free advertisement websites such as kijiji, craigslist and many more. There are categories where all sort of contractors and workers promote their services. Unfortunately there is no rating scale for any of the companies and you cannot check if they are reputable or not. Most of the companies that advertise on free advertisement websites do not have budget for ads and therefore are smaller and less successful contractors. Most of home owners that want to save money and find cheaper service find contractors through free ads sources but suffer through the process of basement remodeling due to hiring random guy that has been doing renovation for few month but claimed to be a big reno company. Or in worst case scenario they would pretend to start the job and start scheduling work, than take deposit money and disappear. Free ads are for those who want to save on renovation job and are willing to take high risk.