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How Long Does it Take to Finish Basement in Toronto

How Long Does it Take to Finish Basement in Toronto?

If you are thinking about basement renovation in Toronto and are about to hire basement contractor to do the job, one of your first questions will be:

How long will it take to finish basement?

Average quality 1000 square feet basement takes 4 weeks to finish. To break it down a little further we are going to list all steps and time frames for each stage of the project.

  • Framing the wall – 2 to 3 days
  • Electrical work – 2 days
  • Drywall installation – 3 days
  • Mudding and sanding – 6 days
  • Painting the walls – 4 days
  • Flooring – 3 to 4 days
  • Trims and baseboards – 3 days

Some of the work can be done at the same time by different trades or workers. To shorten the duration of the process professional contractors try to separate space of the basement and work after each other. For example one side of the basement has finished framing, and while workers frame the other side, electrical work can start on framed side.

These are the regular time lines for each stage for an average basement, but all basement renovations in Toronto differ from each other and many variable will change your timing. Here we listed some of the reasons why your basement renovation may be delayed or finished faster.

Professional Contractor

Renovation Contractor on phone working

There are many companies out there that will give you a quote on basement renovation job and tell you that it will take them 2-3 weeks to finish it just to get the job. In realty to finish it that fast you need a professional crew of four people that has been doing this for 15 years plus. Professional company like ALBO Renovations will charge you more than Joe the basement guy from kijiji, but we will do our job properly and in within the timelines we give you.

Number of People working

If you want your project to be finished faster, you need a company with available work force. If you hire a one man job contractor, it will obviously take him a month and a half to get close to the finish. And if you hire ALBO RENO basement crew, we will do the same job 3 times faster simply because of numbers of workers performing the same tasks and working as a team. We have established crews with foreman that have been working for years together.

Size of the Basement

The big role on the time line will play the size of the your basement. If the square footage is lower than 500, obviously the time to finish basement will be close to 2-3 weeks. With square footage higher than 1000, the time to complete increases or even doubles. Let your contractor properly measure the basement before asking for the time to finish, and expect it to be longer that you though it would take due to some delays.

Quality of finishesQuality of basement finishes

At the end of the project it’s all about what finishes customer wants. There are different options for flooring, paints, hardware, or doors and windows which may take less or more time to install in your new basement. One of good examples is flooring that is put down at the very end of the job. If you want to have carpet or laminate on your floor, than it would take maximum 2 days to have it done. Engineered hard wood flooring can take up to 5 days for the same size basement.

Room additions

Time scheduling above describes average basement with open concept and fewer walls. With additions of each wall and room in particular the timeline for the job will increase. Bedrooms, closets and separations may take up to few days of manpower, when laundry rooms, bathrooms and kitchens will need more time for additional plumbing, different flooring and tiling on the walls. All the rooms may not necessary delay the entire job, but will definitely increase man hours on number of workers.

Unexpected problems

There may be obstacles on the way of basement contractor after starting the job. Some things are not known by the person you hire and cannot be foreseen. Deficiencies with the basement such as cracks, water leaks and mold are not usually included in renovation quote and will be dealt separately. Finish material delivery could also delay the job by few days if ordered by the owner or unprofessional contractor. Inspections cannot be controlled by contractors and will only depend on volume of city inspector appointments in the area.

Payment delays

When you sign a contract with basement renovation company there will be stages of payment progress. Usually it starts with deposit and initial payment to start the job, and continues with progress and ordering materials to finish. If you pay the company you hired in time and according to the invoice you should not have problems finishing your basement in time. But if there will be delays of payment from your side, expect the work to stop until the check is signed.