What Are The Guidelines for Renovating or Constructing New Basement?
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What Are The Guidelines for Renovating or Constructing New Basement?

There are a number of basement renovation as well as construction projects guidelines. First you are supposed to find an ideal contractor. Having found a suitable contractor, you should take the space you wish to renovate into consideration long before you and the contractor starts to discuss about permits. For instance you can walk around in your basement and measure all the way from the ceiling to the floor. Ensure to look at the walls and windows for a possible outlet positioning & plumbing. To make a great basement 3D design, you should consider buying some software that will enable you do just that. Once you have a clear vision, you can move ahead and seek permit from the powers. From a legal point of view, each municipality and city posses a unique permit system as well as professional contractors. Inspectors will actually review your plan and have a view the site for safety purposes as well as code compliances.

A plan for the basement construction project starts with selection of the best contractor. If the basement construction work has to be successful, the contractor must be highly skilled. Behold are tips on how to chose the best contractor.

How to select the right contractor?

Your basement renovation cannot by any means stand out if you land on the wrong contractor.

  • Ensure that the contractor has permit to work the area you where you want the project carried out. They must be insured and bonded too.
  • Base your selection on your contractor`s specialization in your project type
  • Present a detailed contract before the work commences
  • Present your home working guidelines to your contractor
  • Understand the role you have to play until the basement renovation

Guidelines for planning a basement construction project

Save versus spend

 Having a good view of your basement constructions is quite important since you will be in a position to save in cases that do not need high foot traffic and indulge  on areas where the entire family will be spending time. For instance, if you have designed a laundry room small in size off the important space, you may not find the need to lay carpet. Instead you can chose a rug since people will be spending less time in that particular room.

Always keep the place dry

As a matter of fact, moisture will literally destroy your renovation and most probably enhance health issues incase mildew or mold starts to develop. You should ensure that you have inspected your basement perimeter keenly just in case of leaks or moisture. This is because a cool interior to warm exterior change in temperature is likely to cause condensation in case of rim joist leak which is the basic point between your basement and the upstairs. If there are any gaps between the rim joist and sill plate, you are liable of using construction- grade sealant.

Divide the living space

This is a major task in your planning since a self-sufficient add-on for a probable rental income or family must have electrical as well as plumbing roughed in at least and multiple appliances that will have a serious impact on your free or available space.

Material selection

In regard to what you see, materials can have a higher price. Not to mention that additional formal space increases the cost in this class. Carpet is important for man`s cave and recreation rooms though you may opt glue down wood or tile just in case you are building an apartment  for your visitors. However, wood is not ideal for basement floors since they are likely to collapse though the basement condition will outline the usage.


Now that you are underground there is a possibility that your only source of natural light is two or one small windows. Of course you have plans to build extra windows; strategically putting outlets in the room with an excellent plan for wiring the basement construction is quite important.


In most cases, a basement is used for storage purposes. You may be doing basement renovation for a more useful reason. It is advisable to construct a good storage space that will enable you to eliminate clutter from different sections of your home. A small loft that is constructed into the closet or ceiling in your basement corner will literally conceal the fact that you are likely to be a hoarder.

The outlined guidelines will enable you to successfully construct your basement. There is no doubt that you will love the outcome in the long in the run. You cannot afford to spend your money on basement construction that will not satisfy you eventually. With the right constructor and right quality materials, there is no doubt that you will your basement will be one of its kind.