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What Are Some Popular Basement Bar Ideas?

Unmistakably speaking, if you are considering doing basement renovation, a private bar is a good addition to your basement. You have the chance to create a bar of your choice. Basement bars are great places that can host an enjoyable party and still offer same fun or even more I comparison to an external bar. In that case, basement renovation is worth every effort if your desire is to have a basement bar. Unfortunately, you may not even know where to begin. One primary factor about a basement bar is that must be highly and attractively equipped attracting large numbers of people to visit the place. You can never achieve such a target without the basement bar ideas that give you a clue on how to go about the whole process. Have a look at some prominent basement bar ideas;

Basement bar top materials

The bar top should have a key impact on the basement appearance plus it should be long lasting. Bar tops are usually exposed to changing temperature, weight, and moisture. Though it may not experience a flood of patrons.  If you have considered installing a standard wooden bar top, then it must be coated and covered from water damage and stains. In other words, you need a water resistant bar top that is quite easy to maintain made from stainless steel, granite, marble and resin.

The bar body

You will have to come up with the general structure and bar design. This involves determining the extent to which the bar top will project the bar`s edge. A bar that is slimmer and has bigger projection will offer a minimalist and more up to date look for the room. However, a bar that is larger will actually create bigger storage space in the bar. As a matter of fact, a number of bars are prepared from wood composite or wood materials. The bar`s face can be distorted creating room for additional innovative basement bar ideas. The front surface is likely to be sheltered in an attractive wood paneling, inventive artwork, ceramic tile or any other custom resources.

Selecting a basement bar themes

Basement renovation starts with selecting the best basement bar themes. In fact, it is easier to focus on a design and select building materials after you already have a theme that suits you best. The main aim of basement bar theme is to change the space into a standard tavern whole with wealthy, dark, wooden equipment as well as embellishments.

There is no doubt, that this is the lone idea you could select to form a lovely wine bar, shiny & modern bar that will give you the feeling of a captain on their own ship. Not to mention that you can also copy an up to date bar design from your favorite TV show, movie or even book.


You are liable for creating a lovely atmosphere for your basement bar by simply adding lighting rather than depending on light sources that are bright and overhead. You can direct light on the neighboring shelves or overhead light sources with the use of track lighting or pendant to light certain areas.

Wall cabinets & shelves

Basement renovation must entail upgrading the wall cabinets and shelves too. Basement bar can never appear complete in case it is featured by a naked wall. This area can prove to be quite useful especially if free storage space is added cabinets and shelves that have glass doors for holding and displaying desired glasses as well as liquor bottles.

Flamboyant appearance

You should give a reason to anyone who visits your basement bar a reason to keep coming over and over again. A flamboyant appearance needs time and expertise for your basement bar to look just like that.

An outstanding bar

The designer wooden furniture will add a charming look to the effortless basement bar. In fact, it will have a special and eye catchy appearance.

Excellent ways of welcoming guests

You should look for an attractive and cheerful bar attendant who will keep your guests entertained. The attendant should have a smile implanted on his or her face. Such a smile convinces visitors that they are in the right place.

Should host illegal party

The basement bar should be conducive and suitable for hosting special parties.


The basement bar should feature modernism. It should not be some sort of a traditional bra. Absolutely no! It should be up to date exceeding the features of every other modern bar.

Graceful display

Your counter top should be wooden coming along with a big glass mirror on the wall. This is meant to enhance the elegance of the basement bar.

All the above are basement renovation ideas that will take your basement bar a higher notch. Not to mention that you can also get more brilliant basement bar ideas through liaising with a contractor.