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Ideas Of Your Basement Theatre

You can add value to your basement renovation through installing a home theatre. Unmistakably speaking, basement home theatres are quite prominent nowadays. They offer great entertainment value for the families who are using the basement theatre.

Important ideas for your basement theatre

Find a perfect location

Before deciding on the style of the basement theatre that will suit you and the family, the first thing you should keep into consideration is the location of the entertainment space in your basement.  Light plus sound are essential features of a basement home theatre. You have to find a location that gives you highest possible control over light and sound.

Deciding to include a home theater to your basement will bring you an instant advantage since basements are the most quiet and dark places in every home. However, in case you basement allows the natural light to enter or HVAC or furnace system makes a cacophony any time it turns on. In that case, you will wish to lessen the sound and light in the basement space. To drive the point home always consider the basement theatre location first.

  • You will need a carpet; your basement renovation cannot be termed finished especially if you have not installed a basement home theatre. Once you are done with the installation, you will need a carpet to enhance a great appearance. You cannot afford to settle for juts anything other than abasement with a home theatre.
  • A Couch; there is no doubt that you will need a couch just to make the place more comfortable and appealing.
  • Tables & TVs; as a matter of fact, tables are quite important. You will need them to make the basement theater even more lively and efficient.

Select your screen wall

You have to select the wall or wall section in your finished basement renovation the place where you put both your TV screen or projection screen or either of them. The key factors to take into account are;

Sunlight; you should check whether the screen will be facing a bigger door or window where so much sun could reach. If that is the case, you should consider using a distinct plan or wall through installing blinds or lots of curtain.

Games; It is quite important if you love playing pool, hockey, darts, air and so on

Viewing distance; consider whether the screen will be the right distance from your sitting position of both you and the family.

Pull Ethernet cables

Internet access is an important component for entertainment. Almost every video game systems currently use an internet connection. You are liable of streaming hi-def movies via Netflix, hulu plus other systems. Not to mention there are internet radio as well as latest internet enabled TV.

Install a devoted electrical circuit

Besides the normal plug circuit in a room, you can opt to install 2 outlets that don’t divide an electrical line with any additional plugs.

Install speaker wire

After completing your basement renovation, you can pre-wire your finished basement family room about 5.1 neighboring sound.  You can determine where to place the rear and front speakers and install speaker before asking a contractor to help in hanging the drywall.

If need be, you can add additional hindrance on the screen wall the direction taken by front and left speakers. That means you can install the speakers easily on the place of your choice. You can install the rear speakers.

Install a wiring conduit in the joist bay

If you are planning to install a projector, then you will require a place for running video wires all the way from the projector to your Blu-Ray, cable box among others. Don’t forget that they are going to probably be on the opposite part of the room adjacent to the TV.

Install an outlet in the ceiling

You can choose to wire an electrical outlet your basement ceiling. For instance, you can place the outlet next to the place where you will place your future video projector. Half of the outlet of the projector is to provide power to the projector while the other half is made to provide power rope lighting that you may be planning to install to install around room ceiling perimeter.

Conceal the wiring & house the constituents

A large, unremarkable, flat screen TV is the key player in every home theatre. Having some in-built cabinetry on either screen side or under the screen, you be in a position to conceal the wiring as well as house related components for instance DVD players and DVR boxes. Though the cabinetry appears to be in-built ensure to have wiring access just in case replacement and repairs are needed.

In conclusion, your basement home theatre should be your first priority. Ensure that you make the best out of the home theatre.