Who Promise to Finish your Basement in 2 weeks?
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Be Careful Hiring Basement Renovation Companies Who Promise to Finish your Basement in 2 weeks?

What Are The Pros And Cons?

Basement renovation can be done for a variety of reasons. Some use the basement for storage purposes while others use it for more special purposes for instance establishing a basement bar or a gym base among others. Whichever reason your basement will need renovation in order for it to meet the qualities of a standard or classic basement. You don’t want to have a basement that smears you with shame whenever your friends visit or I cases when you and the family spend time there. In that case, you must be dying to know whether you should consider hiring a contractor who is promising to complete the basement renovation within a period of two weeks.

Beyond all doubts, 2 weeks is such a short period but that does not mean that the time is not enough for a basement renovation. The key factor is size of your basement as well as the expertise level of the contractor. As a matter of fact, there are a number of factors that determine how long a contractor would take to finish the renovation.

Factors that determine the period taken by a contactor to finish the basement

Type of contractor

First you are supposed to find a contractor who is more than willing to get the job done in just two weeks. That means that the contractor in question should be an expert. He should have a license allowing him to work on the basement and posses’ academic qualifications showing that he is skilled in the area. Despite the short period professionalism is the key. You can still have a quality basement that will stand out even if it has been renovated in the shortest time possible.
Finding such a contractor is such a challenge. However, you can still find your contractor by arranging an interview where you will interview three or even four contractors.

There are qualities you have to look for when selecting the best and fastest contractor. They include;

  • More than willing to put you vision into effect
  • Highly innovative
  • Timely submission
  • Well informed about basement renovation
  • Good listening and communication skills
  • Focus
  • Portofolio
  • Consider

Availability of resources

Renovating your basement is no small thing. A number of resources will be needed. In that case, you should have those resources in close proximity. This will save the time you would have used searching for some of the forgotten yet essential resources. Not to mention that you must have money readily available for the construction work to be done well and faster. The contractor too will need payments after completing the work. The can only do quality work if you are in a position to pay for the service.

Size of the basement

Your basement size will determine if the renovation can be completed within two weeks or even less/more. Big sized basements require more time while small sized basement may not need as much time. In additional, the contractor’s expertise and speed will also determine if they will be done on time.

What are the advantages of hiring a contractor who can finish your basement renovation in two weeks?

Fast completion of the basement renovation enhances comfort in your home. You will find the place livelier after the two weeks as a result of the extra space for more bathrooms, bedrooms or even basement bar.

  • You will have created extra space without tampering the actual house footprint.
  • Increased access may be achieved as a result of the basement remodel.
  • Your home will be more appealing
  • Fast renovation improves home décor within a short time
  • Less renovation time means that your home activities won’t be affected for a long period
  • Increase of your home square footage
  • You don’t have to take a long break from work in order to monitor the renovation process
  • Reduces familiarity between you and the contractor for that may affect how they work. Since renovation your basement is not an easy thing. Plus you want the best services, hiring a contractor who can do that in 2 weeks is a good choice since the period is too short for you and the contractor to get too used to each other.


More expensive; fast basement renovation calls for a higher cost. That means that you have to spend more money than you could have used if the renovation was to take a longer period.

Prone to mistakes; work done faster than usual is likely to have some error. It may be reconstructed but still have moisture not to mention that moisture creates mold and mildew. The constructor may not have the time to focus on the minor reconstruction details and the basement may not meet your vision.